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Get ready for the cool days of September and October with these tips from the Staiy team to always look perfect and stay sustainable. 

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza del Olmo


Summer is slowly starting to fade and at Staiy, our team is talking more and more often about the new garments and accessories that we will wear this early autumn. Today, we want to show you some pieces which we think have the potential to become essential in your wardrobe. Indeed, those have the ability to transform any simple outfit into a killer one.

Cayman pocket multi responsible bag


This multi-colored crossbody bag is just perfect to complete your outfit and carry everything you need in your day-to-day.

Made of an exclusive vegan material, the fabric has an incredibly soft feel and long durability, which makes the Cayman bag useful for you and good for the planet.

Besides, this small and fashionable piece comes with an adjustable strap and has one large compartment and an outer pocket.

Bambi sunglasses

by Joplins

Joplers Bambi glasses come in an always stylish ebony-veneer wood color and gray lenses.

In addition to making you look fantastic, they will help you take care of your eyes since the lenses have 9 layers of protection, including UV400, shock-resistant and scratch-resistant layers.

On top of this, you receive them in a fully-sustainable cork case!.

Card holder Boa


What to do with all those cards that fall haphazardly inside your bag, making it a hassle to find later?

HVISK brings us a colorful vegan card holder in snake imitation for us to keep everything in order.

It has four card slots and an open pocket to also fit bills and tickets.

The Cashmere Hat-Camel

by Artknit Studios

We are long past the days when a cap could only fit with a sporty look.

Whether with a sweater or a long coat, this made-in-Italy baseball hat by Artknit Studios made of superior cashmere will give a modern and fresh twist to your looks.

Super soft and versatile, it will be your best companion during the colder autumn weekends.

Blobby ring

by Migle

Our hands say a lot about us, and what better way to express our personality than with a ring made to order in top quality materials?

Berlin-based jewelry brand Migle makes it easy with this unique organic-shaped ring, handcrafted using the lost wax technique.

Don’t leave it at home!

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