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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the question devoted to what kind of gifts to give your beloved one arises. However, do not worry, Staiy took care of it and prepared a gift-list that will help you to celebrate your love in a sustainable way!

Daria Müller Velasquez

10th February 2021

Every year, couples in love wait for an opportunity and an additional reason to share with their partner the most reverent, romantic, and sensual feelings. Women wear something that makes them feel special and sexy, and men come up with scenarios for romantic dates and plan a perfectly organized moment to celebrate this unique day that will fill both hearts with love and passion.

However, this holiday is accused of being often focused on mindless consumerism. And here we come to your aid and declare that this does not mean that you still cannot celebrate your love in an eco-friendly way that minimizes your impact on the environment. With an aesthetic and sustainable approach, our editor Daria Müller Velasquez has prepared 5 sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will not only have a better impact on the earth but also promise a more romantic and memorable experience.

1. What could be better than a luxurious, soft red scarf made from the softest wool? Dutch brand Alpaca Loca knows the answer! Founded in 2017, this innovative label specializes in making the finest accessories, such as scarves, plaids, mittens, hats, and socks, made from high-quality alpaca wool. This scarf is definitely one of these unique pieces; its beauty comes from alpaca wool, naturally soft fabric with a stronger structure than cashmere or sheep wool. The fabric is hypoallergenic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. In addition, the fabric is dirt and water-resistant. The brand’s wool comes from alpaca farms in Ecuador, where the products are handcrafted by a local community of weavers in the Andes mountains. The production of each garment emphasizes the importance of quality, tradition, decency, and social responsibility.

2. Do you want to add some passion? Then you definitely need this bra manufactured by the young Italian lingerie brand Chitè, which truly believes in the Slow Couture philosophy. This bra is so dainty and soft that you will feel like you’re wearing a second skin. In addition, the adjustable double shoulder straps are a signature Chitè design – perfect for supporting all breast sizes. The modern and original designs of the brand become a reality thanks to small independent laboratories in Italy that transmit the Italian textile tradition. After a careful selection of fabrics, every single item is sewed and embellished by the expert hands of their artisans. This beautiful triangle bra is handcrafted from high-quality Oeko-Tex certified satin and embroidered tulle. Moreover, Chitè is the first lingerie brand offering a body-inclusive customer experience based on tailor-made production.

3. Can’t choose between gold and silver? Then there is the handmade jewelry brand Yu Stepanel that combines the perfection of gold, beautiful pearls, and free-flowing, organically imperfect silver surfaces. A collection called ESSA is dedicated to the most passionate dance, tango; the choice of materials and the designs themselves are inspired by the juxtapositions, the contrasts that make the dance what it is. Elegance – and ‘mugre’, which literally means dirt, grit (!) – go hand in hand. The medallions are handmade and have a unique organic shape. The sturdy backs of these silver pearl jewelry are crafted in silicone with a 9ct yellow gold center; the silicone component provides more support, a sturdy fit, and smooth and comfortable adjustment to these heavier earrings. The back of the earrings is made of hygienic, skin-friendly material. Agree, you would be happy to receive such a gift from your loved one, wouldn’t you?

4. Don’t forget that it’s still “sweater weather”, and an IMAIMA crumpled velvet jumper would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! It has a round neckline and long sleeves, and the shape provides a loose androgynous silhouette that is an on-demand trend of modern fashion. A true reflection of Berlin, IMAIMA is a diverse, free, vibrant, and modern brand with a unique taste of beauty. Born in the German capital, these women’s clothing brand offers bold and innovative designs, combining clean fashion silhouettes with Middle Eastern embroideries. Deeply committed to the environment, IMAIMA produces zero waste and uses only organic materials to manufacture its garments. Equally, dedicated to its social responsibility, the brand works with local Jaipur artisans ensuring fair wages and following an ethical process throughout the supply chain.

5. During this “pandemic mode”, more than ever, we want to feel comfortable, but still, look sexy and attractive. No doubt, this elegant and comfortable apron-style top with wide, crisscross back straps by Riona Treacy will turn your Valentine’s Day into a magical date! Founded in 2018, this London-based brand is a sustainable luxury womenswear label that combines traditional processes and simplistic tailoring to make each piece modern, wearable and feminine. This open-back top is a perfect example of taste and quality as it ideally accentuates the graceful feminine curves, and the back panels are longer than the front ones for a striking tailcoat. The model is made of soft woolen suiting fabric, which, of course, gently adheres to the skin and makes wearing a real pleasure. Combine this top with matching high-waisted red pants, and you’ll look stunning all evening long!