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Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

The Danish recipe for a happy life is based on finding happiness in the little things in our everyday life and taking a break from the stress that is adulting. Hygge concept is not to ignore problems but to face them, finding strength to do so. And what better way to do it than to take care of yourself!

Words By Chiara Zuccarello

December, 30th 2020

If you really want to get cozy this winter, you might want to incorporate some hygge into your life!

It is safe to say that 2020 was the year we spent the most at home. In fact, about every daily activity – work, school, gym, etc.- had to be reimagined and adapted to our new normality. It was hard and overwhelming at times, but now more than ever we need to turn our four walls into our safe happy place. How can we do that? The answer lies in a funny Danish word that is becoming more and more popular, and a concept many people live by: Hygge.

Hygge (hoo-ga) – we can hear you pronouncing it over and over out loud! – focuses on comfort, well-being and finding happiness in the little things. Though there is no literal translation of the word in English, it’s not about the way you spell it or pronounce it, what matters the most is the way it makes you feel. This art of living is all about creating a certain atmosphere and experience. Think of warmth, loving yourself and feeling at home as your new mantra.

To draw a picture of how hygge looks like in real life, imagine a snowy night, being wrapped up in a fluffy blanket on the sofa, sipping on hot chocolate, the reassuring tickling sound of the chimney in the background and not to mention your favourite movie to top it all off. . As we’ll see together, hygge can be tasted, heard, smelled, touched, and even seen, but most importantly, it needs to be felt. 

So heat up the kettle, put on a warm jumper and read these 5 easy ways to implement Hygge into your life. 

1. Candlelight and Fireplaces

There is no faster way to get into hygge than to light a few candles, or as Danes refer to them, living lights which surely sounds much more poetic. You can have candles all over your house. On the living room table, on the stairs, on your bedside table, and even in your bath! In winter, as soon as the sun goes down (which, let’s be honest, is around 11am), consider lighting a few to cheer yourself up. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, don’t wait for the weekend to use it! Turn it on and enjoy relaxing to the sound of the crackling fire and the sight of its dancing flames. Another great alternative is to broadcast fireplace sounds and images on your tv to feel in a chalet in the fjords.


2. (Lots) of Pillows, Blankets and Chunky Sweaters

Large floor cushions near the fireplace, fluffy throws and blankets, a multitude of candles… and it’s time to put on those longwoolen socks that will complete our outfit, consisting of soft pants and a warm chunkysweater. Dressing comfortably allows you to live the present moment to the fullest and to take full advantage of the feeling of serenity that hygge brings.

3. Comfort Food and Hot drinks

What could be more comforting than a delicious hot drink? Coffee, tea, mulled wine and more, served in a beautiful ceramic mug. Also, take the time to taste and enjoy a piece of cake or a delicious Danish pastry without obsessing over the calories. It’s all about treating yourself – which means the word diet is simply a no go!



4. Staiy-at-Home Spa 

The upsides of a good bath are recognized all over Scandinavia. Set up a Nordic spa-style area to relax at the end of a long day. Wooden brushes, bath salts, soft music, a good book and a fluffy towel. Dim the lights and of course, light candles and more candles!

5. Togetherness

Probably the toughest one to achieve during these gruelling times; however, the Scandis are very fond of spending time together, whether it is with friends, family or even strangers at a communal restaurant table. Part of feeling safe is having people that make us feel loved and good about ourselves. So organise a hyggelig zoom meeting for everyone to enjoy a (hot) drink together and make new lasting memories!