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The bathroom is perhaps the largest source of plastic waste in our homes. This article provides a comprehensive list of effortless and enjoyable zero waste swaps to make your bathroom a planet friendly space.

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam

January, 1st 2021

The amount of plastic utilized in the packaging of various bathroom items is disheartening. If you think about the number of shampoo bottles or toothpaste tubes you go through in one year, transforming the bathroom into a zero waste space seems like an impossible feat. Luckily, that is no longer the case. Many brands started taking the need for sustainable options seriously and developed worthy alternatives that make the transition not only easy but enjoyable. What follows is an easy-to-follow list of 5 zero waste swaps for your bathroom.


No, not the drinking kind, the cleansing kind! Brands like Studio Jux and Shaeco are leading examples. Swapping to items such as the herbal neem body wash bar, the One & Done shampoo bar which comes with its own cork carrying case, and simple soap bars, exponentially reduces the amount of waste that comes out of the bathroom. You can even get a hold on cacao butter blocks, replacing lip balms that come in tiny plastic containers. Not only are these zero waste swaps reducing your plastic consumption, but they often last up to twice as long as their wasteful equivalents. 

Tin containers

Instead of items packaged in plastic, opt for their counterparts that come in reusable tin containers. One example is natural deodorant, such as Studio Jux’s lovely lavender, another is ‘toothpaste’ tablets. Tin, as many other metals, can be infinitely recycled, although the containers can be repurposed as they are. Many toothpaste tablet producers even offer subscriptions where you can send your containers back for a refill. 

Woods and Metals

Bamboo toothbrushes, cute and colourful compostable ear swabs, and metal safety razors are just a few examples of zero waste items you can substitute in your bathroom that will also serve as stylish items decorating your shelves. These are items that are used almost daily and create a lot of trash. Thanks to the materials of the eco-friendly alternatives, these swaps last substantially longer than their wasteful plastic counterparts.

Reusable material

Cloth cotton pads are an easy, reusable alternative to the one-time-use cotton pads. Cotton pads are used for anything from makeup removal to various medical purposes, hence a reusable cotton pad comes handy in many situations. They are also extremely easy to reuse, as they only require a good wash post-use; you can even chuck it in the washing machine.

Menstruation products

Did you know that the fifth most commonly found trash on Europe’s beaches are sanitary products? Menstruation is a natural occurrence that happens once a month, so you can imagine the staggering amount of plastic discarded due to the associated products in one person’s lifetime alone. Two zero waste swaps are silicone menstrual cups and washable period panties.

As you can see, in a room where it seems as though plastic is king, it is fairly simple to dethrone the menacing monarch. There are now more than ever stylish, planet friendly alternatives readily available to fill the spot in your bathroom and turn it into a zero waste space, one item at a time.

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