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Whether you are a student, a creative, or working a 9 to 5, we all require stationary. The following article highlights innovative stationary items that will transform your office to a zero waste space!

Words By  Dina Abedini Niknam


Whether you are currently sitting at your office desk or at a makeshift home-office; as a student, for a nine to five job, or even as an artist, we all require stationary! To end the Zero Waste Swaps series, this article will delve into the innovations of the stationary world that allow our desks to be filled with eco-conscious items that do not harm the environment. Unlike the first two installments of this series, where we focused on bathroom and kitchen items, this article will not list five categories and instead it will highlight specific items that intrigue us at Staiy, and exemplify the impressive industry advances.

Metal pen

Metal Pen

1. Pens

As a writer, I personally love the sound and feel of a high quality pen gliding over paper as I jot down ideas and share my stories.
This tool is vital in everybody’s
office since you cannot always rely on your computer to be ready to take in information or mark an important date while you are on the phone. I recommend taking the time and finding a pen that you enjoy using.
The fun of it is that they exist in many sizes and colours, as well as textures.
To make it
zero waste opt for a metal body pen, one with a silicone grip if you like, that is refillable.
Metal bodies are durable and will last a long time and the optional silicone grip will soften the hold.
If you are still not convinced, you can also find wooden body pens but these are easier to damage.
The fact that your pen is refillable will allow you to buy ink in bulk and greatly save on packaging as well as interchange the colour of your ink if you wish to experiment!

2. Pencils

It is exciting to note the abundance of options for zero waste pencils. Recycled pencils are common by now but an interesting alternative are newspaper pencils! They are eco-friendly and look cool. For a truly zero waste alternative, however, opt for a seed pencil! These plantable variants are a fun and innovative alternative to the conventional pencil. Not only are they a useful item for your office, but they get a second life as a tree when you plant it once it has gotten too short! Now of course, your pencils need sharpeners and erasers! Get yourself a metal sharpener and a plastic-free natural eraser to accompany all your pencil!

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

3. Paper

A great way to transform paper in your office to zero waste is by recycling your paper yourself!
This way you only purchase one block of printing paper every once in a while and get to DIY it into clean paper you can reuse.
We say every once in a while here because after a few reuses the paper quality might not be as you like it, but at that point you can always compost and recycle your used paper. Another zero waste tip we would like to share is
staple- free-staplers.
This innovative creation clips your papers together using nothing but the paper itself, hence creating no more waste.
As for
notebooks, There are a number of reusable alternatives you can find.
The most intriguing one would probably be the most high tech notebook we have seen yet, saving your notes onto a google drive for you and wiping the page clean at a click of the button, ready for more notes.
For a purely analog version, opt for a friction-erase notebook that you can wipe clean whenever you need to.

Recycled paper block notes

4. Cork

Harvested cork trees absorb 3-5 times more CO2 than non-harvested trees”, deeming items made of this material a fantastic alternative to plastic. This natural product is both biodegradable and recyclable “without producing any toxic residues”. The harvesting of cork is “completely renewable and sustainable [too], harvesting bark does not harm the tree”. That is why you can purchase cork memo boards or binders absolutely guilt free. You will not only be adding a useful zero waste item to your office, but you will also be doing additional good to the environment. By purchasing cork items we support so-called cork forests, which have turned out to be biodiversity hotspots, “home to a staggering 135 plant species and 42 bird species, many of which are endangered or critically endangered”.

Pola Cases

5. Phone Case

Whether it be in our coffee breaks, for sales calls, or simply to quickly research something, our phones are an integral part of our office life, just as it is in other aspects of our lives.
Dropping the phone while standing up from our desk or pushing it off while rummaging through our files are accidents that risk damaging our phone that we simply cannot afford.
That is why most people already own phone cases, and most of them swear by them!
On the other hand, the unfortunate reality is that most of these cases, however durable, are made of plastic and largely contribute to the waste problem.
Having said that, the good news is that there are a number of companies doing great work with compostable plant based phone cases.
They come in just as stylish designs and colours as any other case and are a durable and protective zero waste alternative.
These cases are usually either made from linseed, flaxseed, or hemp and can be safely composted once they served their purpose!

Zero Waste

We’d like to thank you for following along with this series and hope that we were able to help you discover some new items and tips to implement in your home to achieve a more eco-conscious, zero waste household!