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“CONNECT” by Canussa

November, 6th 2020

Spanish fashion brand, CANUSSA, releases its newest campaign, ‘connect’, telling the story of a cosmopolitan woman and her need to connect to nature. ‘connect’ highlights the role of their products in reconnecting consumers to mother earth, as one of the most important self-care practices we can do each day.

Words By Allison Markowski 

Canussa, a female-led fashion brand based in Spain, offers vegan leather alternatives in their selection of handbags, backpacks, belts, wallets and sneakers. Their underlying mission? Create fashion that respects people, animals and the planet.

Highlighting their minimalistic yet sophisticated pieces, ‘CONNECT’ is a seasonal campaign curated to reflect the versatility of Canussa’s products and their ability to connect the cosmopolitan consumer with the earth, sun, sand, and wind.

The campaign urges customers to connect with the earth in order to reconnect with themselves—a process called ‘earthing’. The message of ‘CONNECT’ is clear: a woman can be modern and trendy while simultaneously living at one with nature, and at peace with herself.

Canussa’s pieces inherently connect their wearer to the earth, as they are produced using recycled and fully traceable materials that inflict minimal environmental harm. If this was not enough to inspire ‘earthing’, Canussa has also partnered with NGO ‘One Tree Planted’ to promote reforestation by planting a tree for every Canussa product sold.

Courtesy of Canussa

Stay tuned for a new piece to be released next month, adding to Canussa’s already extensive collection of products geared toward a future of sustainable leather. 



Hybrid Tote Black –

Shoulder Vegan Bag


Slim Vegan Card holder –



Hybrid Red –

Multifuncional Vegan Bag


Hybrid Mini Camel –

Vegan Purse, Clutch and Bum bag