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Growing up surrounded by every form of art, Florian Tripoteau opens up about his journey in this world with Staiy, bringing us into the creative process behind one of his pieces.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

November, 11th 2020

Planetary, aware, cosmic. This is how Florian Tripoteau, French artist and designer defines his work. Despite being young, Tripoteau stepped into the fashion world in 2018 with the launch of his first t-shirt design on Everpress, the rising platform for creating, selling and buying unique garments. Since then, he has conceived over fifteen t-shirt designs which customers can pre-order through Everpress.

With a background in graphic design, Tripoteau went on to develop a taste for printed media, incorporating his visual acuity into his t-shirt designs. The resulting abstract graphics on his prints are now what he calls his “wardrobe essentials”.

To state that fashion is an art form is evident, but the link between graphics and fashion is not so conspicuous. For Tripoteau, the main thread tying these two worlds together is his fascination with images and the emotional connection people develop with them. Elaborating, he says, “I used to exhibit a few pieces, mainly posters, alongside my graphic design studies, but it’s not until I joined the National School of Photography in Arles [in France] that I really started to offer my work to the ‘white cube’ and the art world.”



What we want to know is, is there a difference in the creation process behind a design piece compared to a t-shirt? “On my scale, regarding my personal experience, there is no difference so far,” Tripoteau replies. “The way I create a ‘piece’ for an exhibition is pretty much the same as when I design something for a shirt. It’s just the destination that is different. And in both cases, whether it’s a sculpture, an image on a wall for an exhibition or a visual printed on a t-shirt, I consider these pieces as part of my [artistic] work.”

“I see these t-shirts as a way to open a public space for people to reconnect with some ancient and forgotten elements of our histories and cultures”


As a cosmic artist, Tripoteau’s main inspiration comes from space, and particularly from scientific drawings portraying the universe. Delving deeper into his creative process, he explains the major steps of his artistic journey that led to the creation of his famous “Astronomie” t-shirt design: “I wanted to use the t-shirt as a space to evoke the history of astronomy. So after a session of digging in my books, I came up with this design, in which I played with a ‘recto/verso’ design: on the front you have captions for each of the elements illustrated on the back and the sleeve. In fact, I see these t-shirts as a way to open a public space for people to reconnect with some ancient and forgotten elements of our histories and cultures. And with this exploration of space – la conquête de l’espace – I use texts and images from the past in order to question the present and our future through the clothes we wear.”

Embarking on a collaboration with Everpress was a strategic decision. “Their model is based on a pre-order system. To launch the production of one of your shirts, you have to reach a minimum order, and the blank t-shirts they use come mostly from sustainable brands which are usually certified organic and ethically sourced, or [certified] by Fair Wear Foundation,” Tripoteau explains.

Sustainability for the French graphic designer is rooted in both his work and his personal life. “Sustainability depends on the system you use and again, represents a matter of scale,” he reflects. “For example, when I had to build a sculpture for my last exhibition, I found all the materials in local shops. In my daily life, I try to minimize my impact on the environment as much as possible when it comes to consuming and buying stuff, or travelling from one city to another.”

“The idea of repurposing or fully utilizing [things] is really at the core of my lifestyle”

As an artist sourcing inspiration and supplies from his local community, Tripoteau feels confident working in the art world within the boundaries of sustainability. His lifestyle mantra reflects such principles: “The idea of repurposing or fully utilizing [things] is really at the core of my lifestyle. For example, 80% of the clothes I wear come from second-hand shops or are pieces I have had for years that I keep wearing over and over.”

Adopting a holistic approach to life, the concept of repurposing forms the foundation of his creative process too. “To create my t-shirt designs, I collect, extract and sample elements that I find in books in order to revive them and bring these elements from one audience to another,” he explains. “Most of the images I find come from astronomy, science or history books that I find in flea markets.”


From where we are standing, it seems Tripoteau has already conquered our planet and is ready to explore the far reaches of the universe. What will this field of infinite possibilities hold for him? We cannot say for sure, but we will keep searching the constellations of his print until his next astral design venture.