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Ditch Black Friday this year as we’re having Green Friday. The green sustainable alternative to Black Friday. So why not check out our tree some deals?

Words By Jen McDonald


Are you going Green on Black Friday?

So, what is Black Friday? It is a day during which retailers offer huge discounts to tempt consumers to spend more and more. Over the years, Black Friday has become more of a season rather than just one day. Brands mark down their prices even weeks before the date. You will see “50% off or half-price” sales tags and flashy advertisement campaigns all over the internet. Most retailers even do Cyber Monday as well as the Black Friday!

Sounds good, right? If you are already thinking of checking when the sales begin and writing them down in your diary, you might want to think again. Before you rush to your laptop hours before the sales, with your credit card gripped in your hand, pause for a second. Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since at least 2005. Black Friday is very valuable for retailers and fast fashion brands. However, from an environmental perspective, it is the Friday that has the darkest shades of black.

Every new product is a bargain for you, but it is a huge environmental cost to the planet. Think about whether it is a bargain before you get fooled by the advertising and persuasion to buy. Do you need this product? Is it sustainable and what toll does it take on the environment? Many people purchase products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday that are used for just a season or two and then ditched. Up to 80% of our Black Friday purchases are thrown away after just one or even zero uses.

Black Friday takes place this year on November 26, the day after thanksgiving. It is a day that takes over the world every year! The time has come to slow down on Black Friday. Going green should be the ultimate trend this year, next year and every year from now on. This is a trend that will not go out of fashion nor harm our planet.


You might be asking: how do we fix this problem? The answer is simple: you can still shop till you drop; you don’t need to window shop. You can purchase slow fashion and ignore the usual rush surrounding the discount frenzy. Make sure you buy from sustainable brands. Look at the materials and the brand’s ethos before purchasing an item. If you have a Christmas party to attend and want something new to wear, or want to treat yourself to a new handbag, then go for it! You don’t need to feel guilty about buying something new if it makes you happy, serves you well and lasts a long time. Before you buy something new, just ask yourself: will it harm the planet?


We encourage you to take advantage of the discounts this season and to learn and support new sustainable and small brands. Staiy lives and breathes sustainability, just like all the brands that are on our website.


Check out some of our favourite Green Friday steals:


It doesn’t have to be #nationalhandbagday to treat yourself to a new handbag. If you do want an excuse to treat yourself to a sustainable handbag, then this is the perfect steal for you. Not only is this red bag gorgeous, but it is also bang on-trend. It was made with love by HVISK, a sustainable Swedish brand. They use high-quality material that will make your bag last a lifetime. Not to mention, their bags are playful and fun!


Are you feeling a little chilly this winter? No worries, why not keep your head warm with this cosy beanie from HAFENDIEB? This soft-yellow beanie hat will make you stand out from the crowd. It is a unisex hat made from the finest sailor yarn, 100% organic cotton. It also has a cool embroidered flag on the side for that extra detail. This German brand is all for keeping up its sustainable reputation. They make all their garments and accessories through sustainable production and short transport routes, saving a lot of CO2.


Are you looking for a sustainable backpack that you can fit your laptop in? Then look no further than this bag from FLIP AND FLIP; it is oozing out coolness! Not only that, but it is a fully functional and elegant bag designed for your everyday use. This eco-friendly brand is not only ethical, but they are also super edgy. They respect the planet and believe it is our responsibility to leave it in the best possible conditions for the future. We agree 100% with their ethos and their hip style.


Are you looking to invest in a new pair of high-tops this winter? Then you will be glad that we introduced you to these stylish high tops from ALLKIND. These trainers are an authentic statement piece that will never go out of fashion. You can’t go wrong with these essential high-tops in your shoe rack. They are a secret weapon to make any outfit look good. Whether you want a dressed down look or a funky look, these are for you. They are truly versatile, allowing you to mix and match them with any outfit. ALLKIND is a British brand with all of its products being 100% vegan. They are incredibly passionate about sustainability and use recycled and recyclable options wherever they can. Even the soles on these shoes are made from 100% recycled material.


If you want to embrace your wild side, then investing in this tiger bomber should be at the top of your list. Your wardrobe would not be complete without this eye-catching jacket. Not only is it sustainable but it is a bold statement piece that will cheer up your wardrobe. KOMODO is a UK-based fashion brand that works closely with its suppliers to ensure their garments are produced in a safe working environment. As a result, the brand produces quality garments that not only make you look great but they have been helping to save the planet since they launched in 1988. Komodo is also cruelty-free. So, why not treat yourself to this stylish bomber and be a member of the tiger club?

Slow down this Black Friday

We promise it will not ruin your shopping experience. On the contrary, it will make it much better. By supporting sustainable brands, you are helping to save the planet!

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