Sophie Badaoui

Editorial Production Manager and Editor 

Sophie is an Editor & Content Writer based in Paris. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Management at ESCP Europe where she met the founders of Staiy, she pursued a Master in Communications, Media and Creative Industries at Sciences Po in Paris. Sophie has a deep interest for fashion and writing, and enjoys interviewing young designers and sharing their inspiring stories in her contentful articles. She is a dedicated storyteller who loves topics devoted to fashion, sustainability and beauty.

José María Sainz-Maza del Olmo

Editorial Content Strategist

José María Sainz-Maza is an Editor and Content Writer based in Berlin. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies and contributes to various publications related to sustainability and lifestyle. José is a dynamic, driven, and creative professional interested in sustainable development, circular economy, and all the initiatives that seek to achieve a positive change in the world. When he is not writing, José continues to develop his creative practice in painting and enjoys nature through sport activities such as surfing and hiking.

Jennifer McDonald

Editorial Content Writer

Jen is an outgoing and creative individual that has commercial awareness and a great eye for product. Always up to date with the latest trends on the high street and the catwalk, she has a strong ability of identifying styles and colour trends, and has a strong passion for fashion, digital prints and creating unique garments. Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Production and is a Co-founder and Fashion Designer of alternative streetwear fashion brand Neon Ninja. She is passionate about fashion- and beauty-related topics.

Mayra Quispe Trejo

Editorial Content Writer

After a year of academic legal studies, Mayra decided to focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly causes. During her decisive experience in the Amazon forest, she chose to focus on creating sustainable and beneficial businesses while respecting the environment. She realized that the fashion industry has a crucial role in environmental and Human Rights issues; thus, she decided to enrich her knowledge by enrolling in a Fashion Management Master in Rome, where she is currently attending. She is determined to become a Sustainable Fashion expert, so now she is part of our team.

Ella van Niekerk

Editorial Content Writer

Ella began her journey with Staiy in the Business Development Department, which later led her to join the editorial team of Staiy Edit magazine. Originally from South Africa, she moved to Florence, Italy at the age of 19 to follow her dream of pursuing a Business of Fashion degree from the Polimoda Institute. Ella enjoys writing about fashion, sustainability, beauty and lifestyle, and specializes in campaign development, marketing and communications for both big brands and startups.

Varnika Srivastava 

Editorial Content Writer

Varnika started her journey at Staiy as the Editorial Production Manager, and after that chose to stay on as a content writer. She finished her Masters in Sustainable Development from KU Leuven in September 2021, and has a deep understanding of climate change, SDGs and spatial planning. Her hobbies include reading, going on hikes and watching movies.

Past Contributers

Rebecca Jacoby

Editorial Content Writer until February 2022

Rebecca is a third year media and information student at the University of Amsterdam who started working at Staiy as an editorial content writer in October of 2021. She grew up in Georgia, Bangladesh and Germany and this multicultural upbringing shaped her worldview and sparked her interest in topics like sustainability, animal welfare, feminism and social justice. In her freetime, she volunteers at the Amsterdam animal shelter, does figure skating lessons and enjoys reading (mostly) fiction books.

Dina Abedini Niknam

Editorial Content Writer and Editorial Production Manager until NYE 2021

Dina is a Content Writer and a bachelor student passionate about content creation. Coming from a multicultural background, she always loved cultures and languages; she believes that the two go hand in hand. Sustainability and feminism are very important topics to her, and she is truly excited that she gets to be a part of a community that shares these values. She is an animal lover, enjoys spending time in nature and reading books, which helps her to gather inspiration and then reflect it in her articles.

Daria Müller Velasquez

Editorial Production Manager until August 2021

Daria is an Editorial Production Manager & Fashion Editor with almost a decade of experience in growth marketing, content creation, project management, and leadership. After building strong foundations in the educational, commercial, and fashion industries, she is now focused on shaping brand awareness and executing growth strategies for Staiy Edit magazine. With a Ph.D. degree in Fashion Studies and a Master’s degree in Economics, Daria is a skilled communicator who enjoys developing complex ideas into creative and measurable projects.

Emilia Magana Collado

Visual Communication Manager until August 2021

Emilia is a recent Art Direction graduate at the Polimoda in Florence, Italy. Her branding knowledge and concept aesthetics helped her become the Visual Communications Manager for the Staiy Edit team. Emilia always strives to create and better define the visual brand identity for the magazine, so that the entire content looks vivid, vibrant, well-structured and allows deep interaction with the magazine’s audience. In her free time, she loves to paint, collage, design and/or write content for outside productions or personal projects.

Sohila Ahmed Abdelmonem

Editorial Content Writer until August 2021

Sohila is an Сontent Editor at Staiy Edit who enjoys writing articles devoted to such topics as fashion, beauty and lifestyle. In each of her articles, Sohila pays special attention to details, because they, in her opinion, constitute the puzzle of a holistic picture that helps every reader to be transported into a unique world of beauty and inspiration. Besides writing, she enjoys reading good books (especially novels) and exploring unknown cities not only within Europe, but around the globe.