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Alpaca Knit Sweater

Staiy welcomes Achiy, the German knitwear brand that brings family, tradition, and nature together. Known as the fleece of the gods, these sweaters are handmade from baby alpaca wool, which keeps old traditions alive. Each unique piece is an ode to true craftsmanship.

Words By Jen McDonald


Fine Knit Alpaca Sweater

Fleece Of The Gods 

Are you thinking of investing in the Aw21 trend, the alpaca sweater? If you have been dreaming of wearing this cosy bundle of joy but haven’t quite made up your mind yet…you might want to reconsider!

Believe us when we say this it’s a soft, sustainable, staple piece that you will fall head over heels in love with. Who needs cashmere when you could wrap yourself up in a handknitted, cosy alpaca sweater?

If you haven’t heard of our brand partner Achiy before, then you will be glad you’ve stumbled across this article.

The knits are known as the “fleece of the gods” because, back in the days of the Incas, wool was used for clothing but only rulers and kings reserved the right to wear these luxe knits. 

ACHIY, The Brand Everyone Is Talking About!

Achiy is a brand that has built up a world-class reputation for its handknitted sweaters. This German label, which was established by Vivica Pietz in 2019, has already caught the eyes of many. In fact, They have been nominated for the 13th German Sustainability award which is no mean feat. With eight competitions and over 800 applicants, the German Sustainability Award is Europe’s largest award for ecological and social commitment. It is based on the goals of the Agenda 2030 and thus on the key areas of transformation such as climate, biodiversity, resources, fairness, and society. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Achiy has also been featured in National Geographic.

Inspired By The Peruvian Community

Quechua is the language of the Incas and Achiy in Quechua means “to enjoy”. The idea of Achiy was born out of the desire to change the way fashion is made. It originated out of the desire to “give back”, shares Pietz. In 2014, on a trip to Peru, Pietz fell deeply in love with the people, the culture, and the textiles of the Peruvian communities during a volunteering project. Intoxicated by the array of colourful garments, Pietz was inspired by each textile, as every pattern was unique and each stitch conveyed a special meaning.

“What has inspired me most is that the lively textiles lightened up the darkest place.” 

Vivica Pietz

It was at that defining moment, Pietz felt inspirited by her life-changing journey in Peru and decided it was her destiny to create a sustainable brand in Europe. Achiy develops meaningful knitwear inspired by the life of the indigenous people. Every piece is handmade, limited availability, and follows an original production process. If you are looking for a top quality alpaca sweater with unequalled comfort, that remains beautiful over time, then you must invest in an Achiy sweater. These luxe, sweaters are 100% natural, 100% spiritual and 100% individual.



Baby Alpaca Fibre 

Who doesn’t love these adorable, calm natured, sociable animals? Baby alpacas are a playful bunch of highly prized cattle worldwide. There’s just something special about these South American camelids, they have an infectious aura around them! Alpacas come in a range of more than twenty naturally gorgeous colours, from silky black to warm chestnut and crisp white. Plus, their wool is fluffy, soft, and warm. It is therefore not surprising that Achiy choose to use such a luxurious, natural material in producing their knitwear. It’s considered to be the softest and most prestigious natural fibre in the world, “the fleece of the gods” will make you feel like royalty every day.

As a matter of fact, Incas placed a higher value on the fibre than silver or gold. Achiy’s divinely soft wool is collected from Michell; a alpaca fiber manufacturer in Peru, with the help of sourcing partner Peruvian Traditions, founded by siblings Carlos & Claudia Cordero. Furthermore, it is naturally dyed from native plants to the Andes. According to a century-old ritual, once alpacas turn one year old, their protector must choose them and love and care for them and their fur. This is the beginning of a lifelong friendship, what seems to be a truly magical experience!

Small Scale Production

Who makes these enchanting, handmade knits? Well, Achiy produces all their garments with love using traditional techniques and artisan know-how by Peruvian knitters. The brand has a strong focus on artistry and is guided by the age-old methods of the indigenous people who make their pieces. What is extraordinary about these sweaters is that they are all completely handmade in Peru by Mrs Isabelle.

This extremely talented woman makes these knits with her hands, without a machine, thread by thread. Being a slow fashion brand, they only create limited collections made with care and consideration, which is an absolute antidote to fast fashion. Achiy stands by its ethos and is built on transparency and honesty – their mission is to promote more conscious consumption and understanding of the process that goes into making clothes.

‘NATURAL’ Coarse Knit Alpaca Sweater

Sweatshirts That Last A Lifetime

Why should you invest in an alpaca sweatshirt? Well, the benefits are endless. This ultra-wearable knitwear is the key to everyday definition with a dash of artistry. Like cashmere, alpaca is a natural fibre that looks and feels luxurious, and it can be equally, if not more, durable. Not only that but Achiy sweaters are the ultimate smart-casual staple piece for anyone’s closet. It may be this season’s must have but let’s face it, it will never go out of style. 

Achiy’s collection is full of cosy knits that will be loved for many years to come. Here are some of Staiy’s favourite pieces. We love the “Natural Chunky Alpaca Sweater”. This eye-catching cable sweater is not only super cosy, its balloon sleeves also give it that extra edge. Another one of the brand’s best sellers that we are in awe of is the “Puma Blue Inca Knit Sweater”. This traditional “fleece of the gods” showcases a powerful message. The puma symbolises strength, wisdom, and intelligence.

Eternally committed to the art of craft, Achiy is created by artisans in Cusco, using strong alpaca yarn that will not thin out with age – ensuring your knitwear remains a treasured, go-to staple for years to come.
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‘CONDOR‘ Cropped Alpaca Sweater

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‘NATURAL’ Coarse Knit Alpaca Sweater

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’ANDEN FLOWER BREEZE’ Alpaca Knit Cardigan