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January, 27th 2021

Alma Green is the only circular bed linen brand on the market. With our Staiy Reporter Marina Hoyer, Sylvie Degrange shared why she and her co-founder wanted to escape ‘the dark side’ of the textile industry and how living in Spain inspires them to preserve nature.

Words By Marina Hoyer

Sylvie Degrange’s childhood was all about being surrounded by nature. Born and raised in the French Alps as the daughter of a biologist and geologist, the environment has played an important role in her life from early on. As an adult, her love for the planet turned her into a true voyageur who has worked and lived in four continents and more than 20 cities. Her globetrotter spirit, appreciation of other cultures and the wish to preserve nature are shared by her co-founder Hélène-Marie Ceillier.

Both Degrange and Ceillier have been professionally involved with the textile industry for many years. Both of them used to work for conventional enterprises that produced high volumes at low cost. And they both soon had enough. “We used to be on ‘the dark side’, as we call it,” states Degrange. “Our companies had a terrible impact on biodiversity, pushing people to overconsume, losing sight of the value of a product and throwing it away easily instead of repairing it. When we realised it, we did no longer want to be part of it.”

For this reason, the two women founded ALMA GREEN. The Spanish bed linen manufacturer uses only recycled and organic cotton for their sustainable home textiles. “Our motivation was to create a brand with a clear stance on environmental consciousness. We try to limit the use of raw materials and instead opt for recycled fibers whenever possible. And of course, we happily oblige ourselves to manufacturing locally with high traceability and fair European wages for our workers,” Degrange explains. “For us, these things are immensely important because both Hélène-Marie and I seek to create products with positive values and emotions.”

As the only circular bed linen brand, the Spanish label is on a mission to save the planet from an environmental crisis. In the case of ALMA GREEN, circularity not only means using recycled textiles as a starting point, but also anticipating their own products’ life cycle. “We design our bed linen to be circular, meaning that we can take care of their end life by reinjecting the fiber into new products. We also encourage customers to join the circular movement by sending us back their used textiles,” says Degrange.


By doing so, the two founders act on their brand’s values of simplicity, transparency and responsibility. In combination with their love for beautiful colours, natural materials, as well as and a positive and open-minded attitude, this is how Degrange and Ceillier gave the Spanish brand its character. “ALMA GREEN is deeply influenced by Spanish culture”, Degrange points out. “We have one of the biggest textile heritages in Europe, which was a great resource when developing our brand. Did you know for example that the Spanish people have actually invented the process for recycling cotton? Back then, around 50 years ago, raw materials were too expensive to import them.”


For Sylvie Degrange and Hélène-Marie Ceillier, their Spanish heritage also serves as a further inspiration for sustainability: “We produce between Valencia and Barcelona, and these regions are simply stunning. They have such positive vibes and their landscape and sea are so inspiring. Experiencing this picturesque nature instills a deep desire within us to preserve it for future generations.”