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Appareal was founded by Olesya, a trained rocket scientist, who invents garments that are out of this world. Her high-tech designs are for women who want to dress to impress. These statement pieces can be washed effortlessly, left to dry and even better, you don’t need to iron them!

Words By Jen McDonald

January, 13th 2021

Have you ever stared at your cluttered closet and pulled your hair out because you have nothing to wear? We have all been there before, looking endlessly through rails of clothing for that favourite dress. But once you find it amongst all that clutter you realise it is creased, it needs ironing, and you are already running late for work. How incredible would it be if you could find that perfect dress that doesn’t need ironing? All you need to do is wash it, hang it up to dry, and then it is ready to wear again. Meet Appareal, a high-tech womenswear brand whose garments do just that! 

Everyday getting dressed is a mission which we all need to accomplish. It can be even more frustrating and stressful if you are a working mum, as your time is precious. Whether you are working from home or working in the office, you need all the time you can get. This is where Appareal can help. The universe began with a big bang. Appareal made a big bang in the fashion universe. The brand was founded by Olesya, a trained rocket scientist, whose dream was to create a label that would allow women to be effortlessly stylish, whilst juggling work and motherhood. Olesya understands how difficult the morning rush is. You do not have lots of time to perfect yourself or even iron your outfit. You need to get the kids dressed, feed them, and get out the door, all at the speed of light. This is how the idea of Appareal was born.


Olesya started her epic voyage by travelling around the world researching for two years. She visited weavers across Italy and discovered techniques used to make high-tech fabrics for sports and car interiors that could be reapplied to textiles. Utilising her scientific mind, her passion and determination, she endeavoured to recreate these skills. But Olesya was on an important mission and was not stopping there, she wanted to skyrocket the sustainable fashion world. She wanted to investigate further to create a luxurious brand that was eco-friendly, sourcing recycled fabric, using eco-friendly fur and leather alternatives. Wanting to go that extra mile, into outer space she travelled high and low to finish her mission. “I wanted no woman to ever feel under-dressed because she didn’t have time to iron or pop into the dry cleaner”, explains the founder. 

She refused to accept that humanity could build rocket engines, yet couldn’t invent luxury designer wear that could be washed as effortlessly as a basic T-shirt and hung to dry to leave no creases. In fact, why not dresses and coats and jackets too? And all matching together.

“We can send people to the moon. Can it be so difficult to make luxury designwear that doesn’t need to be cared for like a small child?”


These garments are more than your average outerwear. They are real, wearable, luxury fashion, which does not harm the planet. What makes Appareal’s garments out of this world? Well, the brand has been awarded with an Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of designing garments that are durable, easy to care for and are created using recycled fabrics such as Econyl, which is clean on the supply chain. Ethically made in Europe in audited factories, the brand uses recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other post-consumer waste. All fabrics are innovative and are all Oeko-Tex certified. All their garments are washable allowing people to avoid toxic dry cleaning. As they are wrinkle free, you do not need to iron which in turn saves electricity. All garments are comfortable, and even stretch four ways. They do not compromise on that luxurious look, using soft fabrics which are lightweight and nice to feel. 

Just like staring at the stars, here at Staiy we marvel at Appareal’s mesmerizing garments. But unlike gazing at the night sky, you don’t need a telescope to view these beautiful, luxurious pieces. Here are just some of Staiy’s favourite pieces. 

We love the “Valentina Dress”, which is a dress made to impress that every girl needs in her wardrobe. This long black sleeve, knee-length dress will turn heads, it is a statement piece with features such as butterfly frills and raw cuts. It is versatile, it can be worn to the office or on the red carpet, it will never go out of fashion. 

Another one of Appareal’s bestsellers which we are in awe with is the “Melissandra Parka Velvet”, this is a trench coat with a twist; it is practical without sacrificing on style. This water-repellent double-sided techno velvet design is machine washable for your benefit, much more straightforward than your typical trench. It has an oversized hood, deep pockets and clinched in the waist. Perfect for any occasion and would even be fit for the moon!

Why not start 2021 with a more sustainable wardrobe and stock up on sustainable pieces from Appareal? You can enjoy an extra few minutes in bed, safe in the knowledge you’ll soon be looking out of this world.

Valentina dress

Melissandra Parka Velvet

Courtesy of Appareal