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We all know real beauty is on the inside, but at Staiy, we are committed to prove that beauty is not just skin deep. Get a glimpse of our uplifting essentials for a radiant skin everyday, everywhere.

Words By Sophie Badaoui 


How many times have we heard that real beauty is on the inside? How many times have we been called superficial for focusing on the outside? Here at Staiy, we have a different approach to what beauty is. Not that we minimize the importance of what is on the inside, but we do believe that the outside is of equal importance. This is simply because to us, real beauty means self love, and self love entails self care. This requires work and dedication from both sides, in and out.

Nowadays, most of the self care kits portray an image of self indulgence. For example, taking a pause from everyday chores and treating yourself with a facial mask while eating your favorite chocolate cake, in front of your favorite netflix series. Staiy goes deeper than this, as self care and beauty go hand in hand, and they are all about consistency and long term effects, rather than a temporary indulgence.

We are proud to present you our collection of uplifting essentials, which are more than simple “feel good“ skin products. These formulas have been carefully studied and put in place to give you the long term beauty effect that will make your body, soul and mind feel good, as they represent the constant love and care for yourself. A gift from you, to you.

1. SLEEP EASY FACIAL & PILLOW MIST – Blooming blends

Let us start with SLEEP EASY, an extraordinary hand-blended botanical sensory facial mist. This formula aims to give you the best night‘s sleep you will ever have, by soothing and relaxing your senses. Made of essential oils and homemade flower waters such as lavender, petitgrain and chamomile, SLEEP EASY lives up to its name. To get the ultimate beauty sleep, practice this little routine as you are in bed: hold the mist 30cm from your face and gently spray all over it. Then spray it on your pillows and sheets and inhale deeply. Feel your body slowly drifting to sleep as it absorbs the delicious and natural odors of this formula. Exhale and sense how relaxed your body, mind and soul are.

2. Hydro-Mist Tonic – Oland

Next is our revitalizing Hydro-Mist Tonic by Oland. This formula is made for your skin if it needs a good energy boost. Highly concentrated in organic beech bud extract, this product has a strong tonifying and regenerating effect on the skin, as it increases cell metabolism. Moreover, it protects the affected area from irritation and dryness. This tonic also contains organic orange, grape and lemon water, to give your face the vitamins it needs to feel good, in and out.

3. The Energy Duo – Blooming Blends

Our energy duo from Blooming Blends is a sensational mix. It combines the brand’s FATIGUE FIX tincture, with their BRAIN BOOST sensory facial mist. Aptly named, these two products create the perfect synergy to give your face the natural strength and vitality it deserves. These formulas boost focus and energy, complimenting your skin with a refreshing effect.

4. Refresh Mist – Whamisa

This Organic Flowers Refresh Mist is the perfect facial spray to invest in, as it moisturizes the skin deeply and provides essential nutrients to keep it healthy and beautiful. Its hydrating power can be justified by the formula composition, which is mainly aloe vera, jojoba oil, vitamin C-rich yuzu, apple and green tea extract, and finally, Centella Asiatica, also called tiger grass. This facial spray will give you the mindblowing glow you have been looking for, as the nutrients are fermented in the WHAMISA signature process, guaranteeing a better and higher effect on the skin.

5. Tea tree oil – ORIGO

We all have heard about the groundbreaking properties of tea tree oil. This formula by ORIGO is no exception, and is 100% pure and natural. Its main effects are purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and healing. Tea tree oil has been seen as a mindblowing beauty product, proving that the basis of beauty is health. This tea tree oil can also help against oral infections, and can be perfectly used for intimate hygiene.

6. Thyme-Pine honey from Crete – Teas&Trees

This is not your usual honey, honey! It is Cretan thyme honey, considered one of the best in Greece. On top of its naturally sweet taste, this product presents numerous health properties that could significantly change your body, in and out. The best way to consume it is with tea, as it keeps the vitamins and amino acids in for a maximizing effect on your body. Symbolizing health, purity and well-being, Cretan honey has a historical and cultural heritage from the Cretan soil, where the beehives are extremely high in altitude and the flora of the island consists of aromatic plants, such as thyme. The wild climate of the island also has a great impact on the creation of Cretan honey, as Crete is known as one of the sunniest places in Europe, turning the flowers almost waterless and rich in flavor, and their nectar exquisite. Travel to Crete with our unique formula and get all the beauty benefits it has to offer!

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