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Elena bag

Inspired by women’s strength and organic elements, the Madrid-based
brand incorporates the flow of nature into conscious and ethical values to create
everlasting handbags.

Words By Hillary Ribeiro

November, 11th 2020

Belli Grau is the union of Sol and Carla, two Argentinian friends who are working alongside local artisans in the craft production of leather handbags. The combination of high quality materials with meticulous precision generates elegant, versatile pieces and embodies the Mediterranean slow way of life.

The brand’s first designs are named after the grandmothers of both founders, Elena and Nali, as a beautiful tribute to their strength and resilience. Not only does Belli Grau value its brand story, it is also committed to ethical working conditions. From the design process to the packaging stage, everything is locally produced and recyclable, leaving minimal impact on the environment.

The creative process behind the bags lies in positive, flowing teamwork. The picturesque and vibrant landscapes of Spain are the primary source of inspiration for the initial sketches. After gathering a variety of textures, colors, pictures, and materials, the team exchange different perspectives to conceptualize and refine the designs. Finally, the artisans bring the drawings to life by handcrafting products that will last for decades, with the intention of being passed onto future generations. The dark-olive and orange tones radiating from the collection reflect the country’s natural palette, inviting you to connect with yourself and flow, at your own pace.

Neli Bag,

The Spanish spirit is based on passion, freedom, and courage – and so is Belli Grau, crafted to represent an everlasting product.