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By Big Thinx


Words By Joana Pantaleão

BigThinx is an AI company providing size, fit and visualization for fashion retail, all through technology. Using just two smartphone pictures, the AI determines 44 precise body measurements. With just one additional selfie of a clients face, in addition to several body pictures, the software creates a lifelike 3D virtual avatar that looks and provides measurements exactly to the user, which can then be used to fit chosen clothes. 

BigThinx was born with the initiative of entering the education technology space. However, after the successful prototype for fashion veterans in the industry back in 2017, BigThinx realised the incredible opportunity at hand: the use of Artificial Intelligence to launch the fashion industry into a new era. 

Outlining their mission and goals, BigThinx committed themselves to decreasing the huge waste seen as a consequence of online shopping. E-commerce returns cost the US fashion industry $309 billion in lost sales in 2019 alone, globally this figure was trillions of dollars (statistics supplied to us by BigThinx). This equates to 30-50% of all apparel bought online being returned, which then ends up discounted (at cost to the brand), being destroyed, or sent to landfill. Founders Chandralika and Shivang, believed that most shoppers were all facing the same inconveniences, and realised that by focusing on the reasons why so much clothing is returned or wasted, they could have significant benefits on the environment, as well as provide a big step towards an online shopping revolution.

“We ourselves returned a lot of products we bought online because the information to us was either incorrect or inaccurate.

Eager to serve customers in innovative and groundbreaking ways, their products enable the consumer to still make purchases from the comfort of their homes or remotely and with an incredible accuracy with regard to sizing and fits.

Not only a fantastic way to enhance shopping for customers, BigThinx presents a great opportunity as a B2B company, where their Artificial Intelligence could become a prerequisite for brands and enterprises. Their technology allows companies to serve their users in more efficient ways through improving design processes, manufacturing, testing and deployment. As the name already suggests, they THINK BIG and believe that designers, students and brands of every type can benefit from their innovative technology.

A Virtual Fashion Show @bigthinxai

Transforming.” The intention of showing the fashion industry that their tech can help improve essential ways of doing business by adopting their offered digital flexibilities.

BigThinx’s brand imagery paints a symbolic picture with exuberant design. Capes and free jumps certainly give ode to the endless possibilities of this technology and the impact it could have if adopted on a wide scale.

The leap of faith into the unknown. Our human nuances are characterised by high complexity and expanding capabilities and this is nicely mirrored by BigThinx and its forward-thinking mission to elicit positive change. The powerful caped superwoman and it’s symbolism is also explained by BigThinx: “The cape is used to depict that each of us is a superhero in our own way and can make a change to the world.”

Only at the beginning, BigThinx present a novel solution for fashion businesses and consumers, with the potential for expansion across the entire sustainability sector in the near future. Coronavirus has brought enormous challenges to industries caught in archaic systems, and proven the increasing volatility of large chain offline stores. 

Digital mediums open the door for new avenues of business and improved efficiency. Used correctly, digitalization can revolutionize entire business operations and boost enterprise growth tremendously.”

One thing is clear, the AI revolution is coming.