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Courtesy of Miu Sutin

Staiy welcomes Miu Sutin, the Barcelona based womenswear label which will make you feel confident in every occasion by embracing your body and your soul with their unique, sustainable and eco-conscious garments.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

February, 3rd 2021

Miu Sutin, the sustainable womenswear label, has landed on Staiy with a mission: to “sell the truth”. The project was drafted by Noelia Montero seven years ago and today is the proof that ethics, commitment to the environment, and respect towards workers and consumers are the best details to valorize a garment. The brand combines past and present by working with the purest raw materials from certified suppliers and local artisans and using innovative processes and techniques to offer the best sustainable products.

Backed up with years of travels, visits to manufacturers in different countries, negotiations with the suppliers prices, deliveries, penalties, Montero did not want to compromise her values. She then decided to unify all her strengths, her knowledge, creativity, and energy into creating a brand based on a sustainable, ethical and economically viable model. This is how Miu Sutin was finally born. A modern luxury concept based on slow productions, where fairness and respect stand as the fundamental principles.

Courtesy of Miu Sutin

Sharing her personal vision of fashion, Miu Sutin combines a minimalistic style with a classy look adaptable to every occasion, from morning calls and at-home chilling, to late night events. The soft light colors are blended with statement turquoises, pinks and oranges allowing women to feel their inner beauty. Miu Sutin collections resemble the bohemian atmosphere of the beaches in the South of France, the home country of Montero. When creating a new collection, the designer looks back at the memories of her childhood, growing up in a natural atmosphere, surrounded by arts, photography and music.

Inspired by the Seventies, with flared trousers, backless dresses and soft blouses, Miu Sutin is a praise to the rock chic icons of the decades as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin and especially Lou Dillon, emblems of the feminine freedom, creativity and unconditional passion. The personal touch of Montero is what then transfers this bohemian style to the modern era, adapting it with constant research in the field of sustainability in fashion.

Freedom, authenticity and eco consciousness are therefore the features that make Miu Sutin so unique. Women’s bodies are liberated from tightness, free to move, feeling nice and comfortable. Their garments are customised to embrace the requests of the clients, their bodies, skins, hair and tastes, not following short-term trends, but looking for a perception of long-lasting consumption.

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