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Courtesy of Arturo Stories

January, 11th 2021

Arturo Stories is not your average sock brand – if you want design, quality and sustainability – keep reading. The unique sock brand, with a 100% female lead creative team, designs and produces socks in Italy with high quality and certified cotton from Egypt. 

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck

Arturo Stories began from the creative minds of Marta Taronna and Sarah Parisi. The designers, based near Rome, Italy, have experience working for other brands, but have decided to devote themselves to socks – their great passion. All the socks are produced in the Brescia district, with the cotton being sourced from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) & Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified cotton in Egypt and then processed and finalised in Italy. 

The Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex label, or certification, means that you can be certain that every component of the product has been tested for harmful substances and is thus harmless for human health. BCI Members have committed to sustainable cotton production. The BCI logo on packaging, does not mean the product is made of physically traceable Better Cotton, however it means that you’re buying a majority cotton product, from a retailer or brand that is committed to sourcing Better Cotton and investing in BCI Farmers. 

Courtesy of Arturo Stories

Arturo Stories believes that sustainability is a journey, and they are always looking for new sustainability challenges and how to improve. The brand also believes that it is important to buy high quality products that last for a long period of time to encourage more responsibility buying behaviours. In order to be true to this philosophy, Arturo Stories sends a small spool of thread that corresponds to the matching sock purchased in every sock order. This way you’ll be ready for that stubborn hole in the sock and they can breathe a new life. Keep an eye out for the vibrant stripes, colors and patterns of Arturo Stories and remember their philosophy, “Never underestimate the color of a colorful ankle!”