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Skillfully handcrafted, free from hazardous chemicals, fully traceable, fair to the artisans and most recently, Climate Neutral certified. Discover Cano’s new Spring/Summer 2021 launch.

Words By Sohila Ahmed


Passionate about the people and our environment, Cano recently decided to be Climate Neutral certified. Cano is a sustainable shoe brand founded by two German childhood friends, Philipp Mayer and Lukas Pünder. The name “CANO” comes from the Spanish word “Mexicano” which means Mexican in English. You can find out more about the inspiring story behind The Cano Shoe by checking out this article,Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship with Cano.

Rethinking and Improving

One of Cano’s most important foundation pillars is preserving the traditional craftsmanship and supporting local Mexican artisans. Naturally, Cano’s next step was to put in the extra effort to preserve the environment as well. A year ago, they were already thinking about how their brand’s growth is affecting the environment around it. CO2 emissions are present all throughout the long complicated process from gathering the raw materials to having one of Cano’s pair of shoes arrive at your doorstep.

A New Milestone 

Confused as to how to calculate and offset all of these emissions, Cano decided to get in contact with the NGO Climate Neutral. Thus, beginning the path towards an even more sustainable future. After discovering the factors contributing the most to their CO2 emissions, Cano offset the 77tCO2e from 2020 by investing in projects that include forest conservation in Cambodia, clean cookstoves in Mali, renewable energy in China, and many more around the world. Now Cano can proudly say that they are climate neutral as they continue to improve their shipping options and make better business decisions.

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Benito Natural Cognac Sandal

To celebrate the good news, 

Cano just released their first ever climate neutral collection for the Spring/Summer 2021. The collection features two contrasting ideas, ancient weaving techniques rooted in the Mayan culture, and a mix between contemporary minimal designs and the traditional Mexican craftsmanship. It is to no surprise that Cano’s new collection blends such unique philosophies together, as they are always innovating, tweaking their creations and evolving with the artisans.

“We are continuously redefining our own aesthetics. Every production batch of our huaraches has a small improvement – it can be the upper, the sole or even the smallest detail in the insole. We are looking for perfection and this can only be achieved over time, with many trials and errors“, they shared.

 The Collection

 The inspiration behind this collection came from the need to return to ancient heritage and old wisdom while only focusing on the essentials through a “less is more” concept. Some models feature sleek minimalistic designs, suitable for the new way of living at home. Others are more similar to the traditional Mexican huarache, but incorporate Cano’s debut of a complex weaving pattern to commemorate new beginnings and cherish the old shoe-making practices. No matter the conceptual differences, every piece in the collection has Cano’s distinctive incredibly soft vegetable-tanned leather feel and the exceptionally comfy low stacked heels. Skillfully handcrafted, free from hazardous chemicals, fully traceable, fair to the artisans and the planet, and most of all, with love from Mexico.

Check out the new collection on Staiy.

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