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Carbon emissions have been increasing drastically since 1990. This has required fast and effective answers. As companies play an important role in facing this challenge, Staiy has committed to be part of the solution by offsetting its carbon emissions with South Pole.

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


The steady increment of carbon emissions: more than numbers, a reality

According to the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) report, Global CO2 emissions declined by 5.8% in 2020. Despite this fall, global energy-related CO2 emissions remained significant, which contributed to CO2 reaching its highest ever average annual concentration in the atmosphere of 412.5 parts per million in 2020 – around 50% higher than when the industrial revolution began. Moreover, in 2021, global energy-related CO2 emissions are projected to rebound and grow by 4.8% as demand for coal, oil and gas rebounds with the economy.

The increment of carbon emissions is not a recent concern. The numbers have been increasing rapidly since 1990, and the world is experiencing the consequences: Climate change. We witness extreme weather changes, wildfires, droughts, floods, extinction of species, and other tragedies. 

A panorama that calls for action

72% of greenhouse gas emissions are carbon dioxide (CO2). The three biggest economic sectors of greenhouse gas concentrations are placed as follows: 21 % in the industry, 25% in electricity and heat production, and 24% in agriculture and land use. These three sectors are involved in the majority of the production chain. Therefore, companies that focus on productive activities have a significant role in generating carbon emissions.

As one of the possible solutions to excessive carbon emissions, a net-zero emissions is a viable goal, difficult to achieve ipso facto. However, a reduction or offsetting of CO2 can be carried out now and have a positive and powerful impact on the world’s environmental fate.

Staiy, a growing company committed to the reduction of carbon emissions

Staiy is a company whose drives are the love for fashion and the world. Sustainability is its motivation while doing business. They believe in a world where sustainable fashion can be a reality and wish to inspire others to work in this collective objective: to preserve our environment.

Since 2019, more than 200 brands have joined the change with Staiy. This has implied an increment in the number of employees and a growth in the supply chain. Staiy is aware that this expansion in numbers can entail consequences intrinsically. For that, we carefully evaluate each sustainable brand that works with us. We also have partnered up with environmental organizations, and we donate at least 1% of our income to environmental projects. 

Furthermore, we have already offset our carbon emissions by carbon trading with South Pole this year. The Swiss company offers climate solutions to organizations that look to compensate for its carbon footprints. They provide tools to achieve a low-carbon reality by implementing environmental protection projects. All the projects are aligned with the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Goals. Consequently, they improve lives, livelihoods and landscapes for communities worldwide, with more than 700 projects in 40 countries.

Every step counts!

Reducing and neutralizing the impact of carbon emissions is a necessity that involves everyone. Companies and individuals should do their part. Staiy, as a company, continues improving the means for creating sustainable fashion and for that, every step counts. 

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