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October, 26th 2020

Everything they do and believe in is based on challenging the current system. Staiy had the chance to talk with Rethink Rebels, a sustainable fashion consultancy that is driving the world’s transition to circular fashion.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

It is no secret that the modern fashion industry takes a linear, traditional approach to business that largely relies on cheap, easily accessible materials and fossil fuels as an energy source. Recently, however, the volatility of prices, increasing supply chain risks and growing pressure on resources have forced business leaders and policymakers to strongly consider the potential benefits of a circular economy. Whilst this has led to a selection of companies establishing numerous sustainability initiatives and commitments to transparency, the majority of businesses have yet to jump on board.

In realising the drastic need for strategic reformation, companies are striving for quick and easy solutions. But the reality of implementing such changes is not so simple. Companies need to adopt sustainable, varied systems approaches, not just quick fixes. Most organisations tend to stick to what they know as often they do not have the knowledge or the tools to make the necessary changes. This is not to say that they are unwilling to change and embrace the unknown: options for sustainable development are plentiful, with innovations coming through thick and fast. Although running a sustainable business may seem like an overwhelming and perhaps insurmountable challenge, Rethink Rebels are here to lead the charge!

“We need to be rebellious if we hope to change the fashion industry into a sustainable one, and this will require rethinking everything we do!” Rethink Rebels


Founded in 2019 in the Netherlands, Rethink Rebels is a fashion consultancy driving the shift to a circularity and sustainability in the industry. Their main mission is to create clarity when it comes to sustainability, empowering people to embrace change and innovation. This circular fashion agency offers several services: providing advice on sustainable business strategies, working on sustainable communication and implementing a circular system strategy. Essentially, they guide their clients into becoming prime examples within the fashion industry as innovators and leaders in sustainability.


“We believe in a transparent, fun, and ambitious approach to circular fashion.” Rethink Rebels

But who is the brains behind this inspiring agency? Social entrepreneur and guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), Rachel Cannegieter-Markus is the Founder and Head of Rethink Rebels. Working alongside equally dedicated professionals, her team are striving to transform the fashion industry.

“Education can change the way we think, act and listen. It’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment seeing the public grow with knowledge, confidence and skills,” says Rachel, her enthusiasm palpable. When asked what the agency would advise those who want to take a step towards circularity, she explains, “We always listen carefully and determine the company’s goals and ask, what do they need to achieve this? By identifying and measuring the impacts their business is having on the planet, we create a customized plan that integrates circulatory into their management systems. And of course, we monitor their progress throughout their journey.” 

At Rethink Rebels, they believe that hunger for a fairer and less wasteful society is growing. The world is slowly reaching its tipping point, after which circular fashion will become the standard, not the exception. “We tackle this by developing strategies that minimize damage to the environment and have a positive impact on people and their community,” Rachel explains. Staiy hopes that her ambitious vision will inspire more and more people to not only change their businesses, but to change the world around them for a greater and greener future.