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Staiy presents Corail, the french sustainable brand revolutionizing the fashion industry by transforming plastic bottles into stylish and comfortable sneakers.

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


A problem on the coast

It all started in Marseille, a beautiful summer spot in France surrounded by the Calanques, and twenty-one beaches. Unfortunately, this stunning place was filled with important amounts of plastic bottles. Corail saw this problem as an opportunity to help the environment while using plastic waste as a raw material for fashion. 

From the see to your wardrobe

Corail set up a crew of fishermen from Marseille to collect plastic bottles. They have already compiled more than four tons of plastic waste. Once collected, the waste is washed, sorted, crushed, and finally transformed into yarn. This recycled material then becomes fashionable sneakers.

Two sustainable collections: La Marseille 20 and La Marseille 21

La Marseille 20

Each pair of La Marseille 20 is made from eight plastic bottles. The ​​outer sole is made of natural rubber (30%) and recycled plastic (70%). They come in blue, red and green. Perfect for a casual outfit, looking laid-back, in style, and confident. Also, all Corail’s products are genderless.

La Marseille 21

La Marseille 21 produces every pair of sneakers using eight plastic bottles and colored caps. This latest collection brings nineteen stunning styles. Here we will share our absolute favorite, despite its name.

La Marseille 21 Trash

This pair of white sneakers come with elegant golden rose designs and a twist: The entire sole is made with colored caps, creating a confetti effect in the design, perfect for springtime. The soles are available in white for a more classic yet glamorous look, or in green for a more funky style. This pair of white sneakers are a basic element of any wardrobe, and when it incorporates a distinctive color touch in the sole, rest assured that you will get noticed! You can wear this pair with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses! The possibilities are unlimited, just choose one and create your outfit!

Corail’s two collections are available on Get a sustainable and fashionable item directly from the sea to your wardrobe.