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At Staiy, we are excited to announce our new partner brand Avie. Read this article to find out what the sustainable luxury label has to do with the French language, Jessica Alba and the scandi-lifestyle.

Words By Marina Hoyer

December, 28th 2020

In French, à vie means for life or lifelong. And creating clothes that will be cherished for a lifetime is exactly what the luxury slow fashion label Avie is striving to do. For founders Sonya Bachra-Byrne & Liam Nathan Byrne, the brand name perfectly encompasses their vision of seasonless investment pieces that can be worn again and again and again.

The label founded in 2019 aims for longevity and purposefully rejects chasing trends. “Flattering silhouettes, intricate details and luxurious natural fibers are at the core of Avie’s aesthetic”, the founders explain. “Our soul is in the heart of each piece created, fuelled by our endless curiosity in the initial thoughtful design process.”

Avie was particularly shaped by the founders’ fascinating journey. Sonya started out her career in fashion in a more traditional way when she worked for Junko Yoshioka in 2005. During her time at the bridal and evening couture label in Soho, New York, she crafted creations worn by Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and Helen Hunt at red-carpet events like the Oscars or the Golden Globes. In contrast, Liam’s outset in the industry was a rather unconventional one. “My career background in Civil Engineering and Architecture enabled me to do prestigious projects like the 2012 London Olympics, but my appreciation of conceptual art quickly enticed me into the visual arts. I was intrigued by working with lighting, composition and storytelling, and this is what finally navigated me towards fashion campaigns and lookbooks”, states Liam. After several years of experience with stations in Barcelona, London, Turin and many more, the couple combined their knowledge and skills to found Avie. As a major influence, they cite Denmark, where they lived for four years. The Scandinavian country’s effortless lifestyle and minimalist ethos became intrinsically entwined with the DNA of Avie.

Soon after launching their debut collection, the label already saw early success. In the first year, Avie was described as “a brand to watch in 2019” by B2B fashion retail magazine Drapers. Later that year, they won the magazine’s award in the category Best Emerging Brand.

What we at Staiy appreciate most about Avie is that they offer a sustainable alternative to conventional fast fashion. Their determination to have a positive impact on society and the environment is expressed through their approach of offering quality that consumers can wear for longer, thereby creating less waste. A matter that is most dear to their heart is to ensure an ethical production standard with adequate working conditions and fair wages. We are thrilled to have Avie as our new partner on board.