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February, 19th 2021

 Tadaan is a digital community where artisans and illustrators from Italy and Japan embody sustainability and creativity into the craftsmanship.

Words By Hillary Ribeiro

Since 2018, the team behind Tadaan has built a strong community of craft lovers that has reached over 150,000 followers. The name of the brand conceptualizes the enthusiastic expression used to reveal something you are excited or proud of, “TADAA-N!”.

“We are a team of 5 founders with different backgrounds based in Italy. We are all very passionate about handmade things”, says Constanza Tomba, one of the founders. The brand’s main target is the female audience aged between twenty-five and thirty years old. The rise of interest for craftsmanship in the Millennial audience has inspired the launch of Tadaan, to communicate craftsmanship in an innovative way through social media platforms.

The three fundamental pillars of Tadaan are firstly creativity, as it is a platform for artisans as well as for illustrators and artists. Secondly, craftsmanship,as the content in the platform lies in different techniques and materials, from wood to textile to embroidery. The last yet not least pillar is sustainability. “Young people are more interested in buying and consuming products that are local, sustainable in how they have been made but also in style and philosophy”, explains Roberta Ligossi, one of the co-founders.

The beginning of Tadaan started off by casting friends in common within the creative network. The very first artists featured on Tadaan’s platform were asked to tag their products under #Tadaan, which drew the attention of many other artists who reached out to the founders. With the expansion of the network getting featured on the platform, Tadaan started selecting talented artisans with peculiar and interesting personalities reflected on their own workflow.

The “Tadaan” factor can be a new technique mixing tradition with innovation, regardless of the material used or their final work. What makes this platform unique? “Tadaan is the first platform speaking about very different types of crafts, but in a very specific and contemporary way. From that perspective we are very unique”, responds Roberta. “We are the first community of contemporary craftsmanship; you can find potters or woodworkers. It is a very strong community but nothing is the final destination”, she continues.

Due to the unfortunate mobility limitations, the pandemic has brought to the world, the brand has encountered some difficulties in the past year. “We had to change our working flow, our way of meeting and connecting with artisans”, explain the founders. “We were able to turn problems into strengths and opportunities”, they add optimistically. 

Tadaan’s motto is “choose well and make it last”. With a gripping approach to sustainability, Tadaan aims to communicate the importance of handmade alternatives, in addition to emphasizing the timeless values through handmade pieces.