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Creating a daily shower ritual should be your number one goal to kick start your day. Here are Staiy’s 6 expert tips and products from Sendo essentials to get that Daily Shower Ritual your body is crying out for.

Words By Jen McDonald


Is it essential to have an entire body skincare routine? Yes, it is an absolute must to keep your skin feeling silky, soft, and healthy. Most people have a facial skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturising their face twice a day. However, when it comes to a complete daily shower ritual, they tend to neglect their full-body routine.

Unwinding and relaxing in a hot shower first thing in the morning is the kick start to the day that your body needs. Just a few minutes of self-care goes a long way for your skin health and mental well-being. So if you’re going to skip something in the morning, skip your coffee but make sure you don’t miss your daily shower ritual; otherwise, you will miss out on the rewards.

If you want that full-body glow to look fabulous, investing in a whole daily shower ritual should be your number one priority. Believe us, your skin will thank you for it, and so will your mind and soul.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat, which is undoubtedly true. However, the same applies to what products you use on your body; your skin is your body’s largest organ. But it’s not just about picking any old skincare products; it’s best to make sure they are all-natural. Rumour has it that 60% of products you use on your skin are absorbed and go into your bloodstream. So, true or not, it is essential to remember that what you put on your body is just as important as what you eat.

You’re thinking about starting your daily shower ritual, but you don’t know where to start? Are we right? Well, don’t worry, Staiy is your saving grace. Nowadays, with so many eco-friendly products on the shelves, it can be overwhelming, and it isn’t easy to know where to start. 

So if you’re looking for that simple all-over body care routine to give your skin and hair all the goodness they need, then look no further than the eco-friendly brand Sendo. Made in Italy, the brand creates sustainable beauty products that are affordable to your bank balance and full of high-quality ingredients such as biotechnology and prebiotic extracts to nourish your skin and locks.

Your daily shower ritual starts in the shower, so here are 6 steps to up your shower game. Every step is as important as the next for your day-to-day process. Scroll down to find precisely how Sendo products can be even better than your coffee to fuel your day.

Wooden Brush, To Detangle

Start your day on a high; jump out of bed, turn on the shower and let it get hot and steamy. While waiting for the temperature to rise, use a detangling brush to get out those tugs and sort out the bed hair. If you desperately need a reliable brush that won’t let you down, investing in the Sendo Wooden Brush is a no brainer! This brush will be your holy grail. This compact wooden beauty is innovative; its beechwood bristles make it perfect for combating and detangling hair without damaging it, both dry and wet.

Shampoo, To Cleanse

First and foremost, jump in the shower and enjoy some me-time to relax and unwind before tackling your jam-packed schedule. Take 20-30 minutes off your daily schedule and dedicate this to your morning ritual. Feel the water run down your body, cleaning away any negative thoughts or worries you have. Next up, lather on that shampoo and slowly massage it into your scalp. We recommend opting for the Sendo Colour Protection Shampoo. Made from natural ingredients like organic goji berry extract, organic maqui berry extract, and Biotechnological tomato extract, to name a few, it cleanses your scalp. It leaves your head physically and mentally distressed, refreshed, and awake. Leaving your locks nourished, stronger and brighter for longer.

Conditioner, To Nourish

The next step to your daily shower ritual is applying the perfect conditioner to add extra moisture to your hair. Don’t worry; we have the ideal product for you. Sendo Colour Protection Conditioner is the ultimate game-changing conditioner to improve your hair’s overall texture, feel, and appearance. Apply it to your damp hair, leave it on for around 3-5 minutes, then rinse it off. You will instantly feel that your hair is smoother and smells fantastic. The conditioner has Biotechnological Phytocomplex ingredients such as; grapes, apples, lemons, and wheat bran. It also contains Murumuru butter, a beautiful addition to your conditioner as it provides rich moisturisation. It softens while locking in moisture, which helps keep your hair shiny and healthy. Murumuru butter also helps restore hair and maintain elasticity, helping boost colour. After washing your body in Sendo Delicate Cleanser, why not mix up your shower ritual and end your shower with a 30-second blast of cold water to reduce inflamed skin, leave your hair glossy, and reduce stress. Cold showers have many benefits…Their benefits are endless; they help support your immune system and awaken your body.

Deodorant, To Stay Fresh 

After your shower, you dry yourself off and apply deodorant. Many of us go to grab our regular deodorant as we aren’t aware of the harmful effects on our bodies. But why not buy an au-natural deodorant that keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day that’s also good for your skin. Check out Sendo Deodorant Spray for Sensitive Skin. It’s a gentle deodorant made without aluminium salts, which is soft for your skin and helps to prevent those nasty, unpleasant body odours. Did I forget to mention that it will not leave residue or marks on your skin or clothing? That’s right, so you don’t need to worry about those unwanted white masks appearing all over your clothes. It’s made from organic sage, rosemary, and thyme extracts, all-natural ingredients and smells fresh. Just one squirt under your armpits before you get dressed will leave; you are feeling fresh and ready to get dressed and tackle your to-do list.

Lip Balm, To Kiss

After you have cleansed, toned, and moisturised your skin and before you slap on your makeup, you should apply Sendo Nutritious Lip Balm. Enriched with Rosa Canina Biotechnological Phytocomplex, it keeps your lips soft and hydrated all day long. So don’t worry about having chapped or dry lips; that will not happen if you use this lip balm in your daily ritual. So pucked up, what are you waiting for? Get this lip balm to ensure your lips are softer, on point and more kissable. Guaranteed your partner will not be able to resist those smooth and shiny lips.

Hand Cream, To Hydrate

Finish your daily shower ritual, giving your hands some self-love. One of the best things you can do for your hands is to moisturise them with reliable hand cream throughout the day. Using a good hand cream should be one of your healthy lifestyle practices that goes a long way to ensure that your hands stay protected and well-hydrated throughout the day. Sendo Nutritive Hand Balm is ideal for tackling chapped and rough hands. It’s a great size to carry with you in your bag, wherever you go. Trust us; it will be your go-to product to protect your hands from the cold. Made from key ingredients like organic Karite Butter and Rosa Canina Biotechnology, Phytocomplex makes it the queen of hand creams. It will become the most important product in your purse without a doubt.