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Patricia Miguel in Ericeira

The couple in Ericeira, Portugal

Patricia and Miguel are no common Influencer couple. Deeply in love, full of excitement and good vibes, they share their commitment to the environment and personal well-being in every post. Who better to inspire us to reach our dreams than hose who have already made theirs real? 

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza

Portugal; good weather, waves, delicious food, and above all, open and friendly people sure come to mind. Patricia and Miguel, or Miguel and Patricia, are the perfect representation of their Portuguese people: kind, with generous smiles, bright eyes, and an easily perceivable chemistry between them. They receive me from the living room of their home in the south-western end of Europe, full of light and decorated contemporarily. First of all, they ask me about my day and how the summer is going. As they enthusiastically chat away, I notice they never interrupt one another, but rather complement each other at every point in time, and I realise quickly this is a couple who are comfortable living their professional and personal lives in complete harmony.

“We live the way we show on our social media,” Patricia says when asked what exactly ‘Patricia and Miguel’ (@patriciandmiguel on Instagram) is. “At first we thought about creating a brand, but then we realized that we are more than that; it is a bigger concept. This is just how we live, in accordance with the values ​​we represent.” They explain to me how, little by little, they came to the idea that everything moves around a certain purpose, to feel that one is doing what makes them feel good, and thus and based on their three core values (purpose, sustainability, and community) ​​is how they try to inspire and empower others.

Patricia and Miguel in Bali

Patricia and Miguel in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Their social networks are full of aesthetically pleasing photos and videos, showcasing elegant and detailed touches, with a warm color palette that can only transmit calm and a sense or feeling like beach relaxation. Like many other influencers, they pose with clothing and accessories from various brands, and promote restaurants and summer resorts. However, there is a common denominator in all the businesses with which this Portuguese couple collaborates; they are ethical. From sustainable clothing firms to small family-run accommodations, Patricia and Miguel are committed to partners that allow them to feel comfortable with themselves and consistent with their values at all times. “We don’t feature any brand in exchange for money,” Miguel states, “unless their principles and mission are aligned with ours.” Patricia nods and continues: “In fact, we often turn down commissions because we only want to share with our community what makes sense from our point of view. We choose those companies that have sustainability among their values.” 

Unlike some of the usual overtly promotional content and aggressive campaigns on Instagram, they explain that they don’t want to push their followers into buying anything or adopting a more sustainable lifestyle just because they say so. “We try to bring ideas to people’s minds through what we do, so that they can take each step for themselves. It’s all about lighting the way, about small actions in the right direction that ultimately make a difference,” Patricia clarifies, smiling. “In fact, we usually receive many messages from people who are grateful because thanks to us they have found a lot of useful information on sustainability and have understood the impact of many of their daily actions. Nothing makes us happier.”

Patricia and Miguel in Indonesia
Patricia and Miguel in Indonesia

The couple in Gili Air, Lombock, Indonesia

It’s easy to refer back to the three core values ​​in the Philosophy section of their website as we talk. But how did they find their own purpose? When asked about this, they both chuckle and meet eyes before answering. “It took us some time,” Miguel begins. “We met in Portugal while we were both studying Social Culture and Community Development at university, and after finishing our bachelors, we moved together to Ireland because there were better job opportunities and the salaries were higher. But we were stressed all the time and we missed our families. At that point, we realized that we were only happy during our holidays in Greece, Morocco… Traveling made us feel alive, so we sold everything and bought two one-way tickets to Bali!” 

Between the two of them they describe how they spent a month in a surf resort in Indonesia and how they began to make promotional videos and photoshoots in exchange for continuing there. This led them to spend 9 months in different countries of Southeast Asia, which would change their lives forever. “Our Instagram account began as a way to stay in touch with our families and loved ones, to show them where we were and that we were doing well,” Patricia says. “More and more people we did not know started messaging us to tell us that they were inspired by us, and this is how we discovered that we loved creating meaningful content, and how our community was born. We just wanted to bring our ideas to life and to encourage other people to do the same, live fully and seek true happiness.”

Eager to ask about their projects in the making, they tell me first about their blog, which will soon become a broader website, hosting a platform where anyone can learn about music, sustainability, self-improvement and other topics they are passionate about. Miguel produces his own music for meditation, and Patricia has been educating herself in holistic health for years, so they would like to share this with their community and establish an enriching dialogue with everyone who wants to join. “We recently reflected on our activity over the last year and noticed that what we do requires a more global approach. Any issue related to developing a positive mindset and thus making a positive impact on the world has a place on our website,” she states. 

We also discuss their second Instagram account, @nodecreations, as a very recent project that has led them to focus more on wedding photography. Or, as they like to say, on ‘love stories’. “I have been a photographer and videographer for a long time, and we had already photographed couples in Asia when we were in Bali,” Miguel tells me. “Now, due to the pandemic, we have had time to stop and rethink many things, we have started collaborating with many small and large sustainable fashion brands, and we have also started with couples photography. We don’t want to be the typical wedding photographer, but to capture the essence of each couple. “

Patricia and Miguel

 Patricia & Miguel

Our interview begins to draw to a close in what feels like no time at all. Before saying goodbye, I ask them for a tip for everyday life, and the answer comes without delay: “You have to make sure that every day you do something that gets you closer to where you want to be, that you live according to your values, ​​and that you are surrounded by people who love you and whom you love,” the two exclaim almost perfectly in unison, before saying goodbye with their everlasting smiles and an invitation to Portugal.

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