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January, 1st 2021

Elisa Aramù and her passion for fashion grew up in the Italian province of Biella, a few steps from Switzerland. The Aramù brand, however, embodies the Italian made in Italy with an international touch of elegance and, of course, sustainability.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

The accent on the last letter of her surname recalls the Parisian vibes that influenced her artistic life and that continue to inspire her to this day. It seems to be the manifesto of the stylistic and sustainable work made by Ms. Aramù, who founded her own “Aramù” label in 2017. 

The mission of the brand is to offer 100% made in Italy blazers and jackets, with high-quality deadstock fabrics. Above all, the designer wants to focus on the sustainable and ethical goals at the core of her personal philosophy by making people perceive the preciousness of a timeless design, while still creating unique products, as little artworks inspired by her travels. 

According to Elisa Aramù, traveling is the best way to connect with other cultures and get to know different traditions. Something that she experienced on her own skin, by studying and living in Canada and in France. The cultural melting pot she lived in made her realize that people and places are two amazing sources of knowledge and personal growth.

Travel, art and culture are therefore indissolubly present in each jacket and blazer of the collection, whose story is not only embedded in the design, but also strengthened through a solid manufacturing process. 

Aramù’s jackets are tailored by expert artisans in an atelier where the savoir-faire reigns, each piece is available in limited quantities and numbered. Traveling and discovering new places is the common thread. Each blazer and jacket bears the name of a city that is perceived as important for its history, art, and culture.


The sustainability factor relies on the rescuing process of raw materials used for the garments which would have been otherwise wasted. Aramù uses only fabrics coming from existing stocks, therefore no products are created using custom-made fabric. Those fabrics are samples or trials of big fashion houses, leftovers that due to their short length cannot be used for bigger productions or other purposes. The fabrics pass then into the hand of the laboratory, where the statement blazers are born in the small Aramù workshops composed of one or two professional tailors, which are legally employed and receive a fair wage for their expertise and hard work.

It seems that transparency is the real strength of the brand and its founder. The latter is focused on her ultimate vision and she clearly knows what her next steps are going to be: she notes, “I want to expand the project to other product categories while keeping the same business aim and values. I also want to let Aramù become the brand that women want to wear in order to feel confident, positive and dreaming”. 

Whether living the Parisian life or dreaming about it, Elisa Aramù is impatient to share her vision by allowing you to get her refined blazers at