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Fair Trade In The Fashion Milieu Has An Important Role Towards A More Sustainable Industry. At Staiy, We Commit To Work With Brands That Share Our Vision Of Respecting The People And The Planet. In This Regard, We Are Launching A New Eco-denim Collection That Promotes Fair Trade Values. 

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


First things first

What is fair trade?

According to the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.

It is a vision of business and trade that puts people and the planet before profit, a proof of concept that showcases the enterprise models of the new economy.

Moreover, it contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.

The WFTO have set 10 principles which specify the ways that Fair Trade Enterprises should behave to ensure they put people and the planet first.

These 10 principles act as a source of conceptual and practical guidance for companies interested in implementing fair trade within their policies.

What does Fair Trade mean in the Fashion industry?

It describes a movement that strives to assist manufacturers and producers in developing countries to take advantage of better trade deals.

The goals of this movement include ensuring everyone gets a fair deal on pricing and better working conditions.

It goes from small-scale farmers, where the textile industry begins, to the final product.

The entire production process must be carried on with safety working conditions, fair wages and prices, and respect of the environment.

Staiy’s commitment to Fair Trade

At Staiy, we believe in sustainable fashion; hence, we only work with sustainable brands.

Moreover, we are always looking for innovation and better commitment to our clients, workers and the planet.  

Fair trade is part of our engagement to fair clothing production, and we are always keen to team up with brands that share this vision.

Therefore, we work with partners that ensure workers’ rights, with reasonable prices within the various exchanges between traders, and respect the environment.

Eco-denim collection for her

A new collection that combines eco-denim and the fair trade movement in its production has come to Staiy.


The Eco-denim collection for her offers beautiful pieces in blue palette colours. One brand who has opted for the fair trade revolution in responsible denim collections is Infinitdenim,a Spanish brand based in Barcelona that focuses on recycling denim fabric to produce jeans and accessories with a minimal carbon footprint.

100% of its production is made in Catalonia by local people, working in good conditions.

Moreover, they have founded an ONG called Back to Eco, where they offer workshops and training sessions for people looking to work in the circular fashion industry. These conferences also raise awareness about ethical work and the respect of the environment. 


We also teamed up with Organication, a German young fashion brand whose philosophy is “Fair and Eco is a must, we do not make any concessions here” .

They stand for sustainable, fairly produced, high quality and chic styles.

The company claims to have a production chain that fulfills all sustainability aspects.

At Organication, they believe in generating a positive effect on all the people involved in the production process, workers and suppliers.

Make a Change

The fashion industry needs more innovative ideas and brands that dare to face challenges.

Working in fair trade conditions gives a unique possibility to change the stereotypes about the fashion business.

Furthermore, it can represent an essential change in the quality of life of millions of people who see an opportunity to work and grow in the fashion industry. 

At Staiy, we believe in giving these bold brands the platform to develop their ideas and sell eco-responsible garments.

Discover more about our new collection and join the movement of fair trade in fashion.

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