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With apparel beautifully crafted in Amsterdam, Elements of Freedom demonstrates that it takes hard work and meticulous attention to detail to generate incredible collections. Inspired by their native land and city life, their collections are created with beauty and sophistication while keeping the environment in mind.

Words By Shannon Rice

December, 14th 2020

In the words of Elements of Freedom, “People who work hard to come up with inspiring collections should be able to do so with complete freedom and in good working conditions.” The Dutch brand lives by these words that so clearly encapsulate its mission, aesthetic, and the message it wants to share with the world. Born in the Netherlands in 2014, Elements of Freedom creates beautiful clothes while remaining environmentally conscious. Its goal is to eliminate its carbon footprint by responsibly selecting and sourcing its fabrics.

Created in Amsterdam, the brand draws inspiration from the color and vibrancy of the culture and the people that live there. The team starts by focusing on a stylish design that fits the city’s greenery and its bustling canal-side streets, and then they introduce comfort and sustainability. Next, they look at materials and durability. With their careful selection of fabrics, they create lasting pieces to slow the damaging cycle of fast fashion

Elements of Freedom chooses to produce as locally as possible, using European factories that align with their standards and offer fair working conditions for their employees. Some materials that the brand uses are Better Cotton Initiative cotton, Everco viscose, eco-boiled wool, and several recycled fabrics. All components of their garments are certified according to Standard 100 Oeko-Tex®, meaning that their fabrics have been produced without harming people or the environment.

Through their diligent efforts, the Dutch brand was selected as the winner for the Green Product Award in 2020. One of their pieces, the Reza jacket, was also spotlighted, winning an international competition as the most sustainable product of the year. Crafted from 100% recycled materials, the jacket has been called a “product of the future”. This jacket is the ultimate embodiment of style and sustainability. 

Reza Jacket, elementsoffreedom

Perfectly aligned with their values and vision for the future, Staiy is proud to partner with Elements of Freedom. Inspiring collections such as theirs demonstrate that it takes hard work, meticulous attention, and a creative eye to be successful and mindful in the sustainable fashion industry.