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Courtesy of Oftt

November, 9th 2020

After their SS20 collection conquered the hearts of fashion minimalists, our Berlin-based partner brand, oftt, is now venturing into AW20. Their new capsule for the cold season will soon find its way into the wardrobes of exuberant customers.

Words By Marina Hoyer

Oftt Autumn/Winter ’20 is about sustainability in its truest form. “We worked out what you really wear with everyday items that speak to you,” says the brand’s founder and designer, Ashley Marc Hovelle. The result is a perfect synthesis of menswear essentials that are timeless yet contemporary, with every single piece bearing the label’s signature style of cool, effortless elegance. Organic merino turtlenecks and virgin wool crewnecks pave the way for autumn and can be paired with lightly pleated, tapered-fit corduroy trousers. As temperatures drop, the capsule’s coat selection ranges from cashmere-wool blend overcoats as elegant winter classics to street-chic staples like the Granny Cool jacket composed of a water repellent cotton twill surface and natural Kapok padding. A piece for every style and occasion comes in the form of a navy weatherproof cotton gabardine parka with a detachable hood.

“Each collection consists of ten key sustainable wardrobe staples, aiming to save you time each day so you’re free to focus on what’s important to you”

The collection’s clean aesthetic is indicative of Berlin, where Hovelle moved to from London — think young, creative, successful academics working on their Macbooks in a third-wave coffee shop in Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg. Oftt is for people who want to invest their precious time and energy in visionary ideas instead of in the hassle of generating new outfits every day, all while still looking the part. Considering oneself a fashion-conscious young adult need no longer conflict with the desire to live the life of a global citizen yearning to tackle social and ecological issues. As a modern, urban label, oftt unites seemingly opposing identities.

Oftt‘s brand identity is in its name. Hovelle designed each item with the ultimate goal of creating timeless, made-to-last essentials of outstanding quality that do not rely on trends, but instead respond to what people need and what they wear — in short, owning fewer clothes that are worn more often. But that is not all. The word oftt/often also links back to the brand’s original and innovative concept: “Each collection consists of ten key sustainable wardrobe staples, aiming to save you time each day so you’re free to focus on what’s important to you,” Hovelle explains.

Courtesy of Oftt

“The essence of the brand is to have clothes that last, and this can only be achieved through premium quality.”

While capsule collections are no new concept, oftt‘s approach of sticking to the same ten essentials in each collection is unique. Number 03, for instance, always refers to a hoodie, while number 06 stands for a shirt. Hovelle’s smart idea incorporates the philosophy of minimalism into his approach to sustainability. Reflective of this is also the impeccable quality of oftt‘s garments. The label uses specially selected, GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard – certified factories in Portugal that the designer visits frequently to ensure they meet his standards. “The essence of the brand is to have clothes that last,” he says, “and this can only be achieved through premium quality. Oftt clothes withstand washes and retain their shape and fit.”

Courtesy of Oftt

Courtesy of Oftt

At Staiy, we are ecstatic about oftt‘s extensive sustainability practices. “It takes 2700 litres of water to make one t-shirt. That’s enough for one person to drink for 900 days. For this reason, we choose cotton grown with rainwater, which saves 91% in water usage,” Hovelle explains. Oftt also supports organic farming, forgoes pesticides and pollutants, and uses compostable shipping bags. It sounds like it’s time to invest in some timeless, quality pieces and shop oftt‘s new collection at soon!