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Shoemaking in Italy reflects the highest standard of taste and quality, but is it sustainable? Here, we introduce three sustainable brands Made in Italy that can shed some light on this question.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

December, 7th 2020

Sneakers have taken over the planet. Represented at almost all fashion levels, from the high street markets to the luxury sector, shoes have become one of the most popular items in our wardrobes. A new pair of sneakers brings comfort and confidence. Wherever life takes us, this simple fashion element makes our journeys more pleasant and dynamic.

And when one walks the streets of Italy, we understand more than ever the importance of having the perfect pair of shoes in which we can effortlessly navigate Italy’s paving stones. But despite the fact that sneakers are everyday essentials, it is still a challenge to find a pair that is sustainable, vegan and stylish. These three Italian brands have changed the world of sustainable footwear by offering a premium selection of ethical and eco-friendly options.


Founded in 2018, YATAY is a brand that seeks to combine style, innovation and the best of Italian craftsmanship. Thanks to their flawless designs, these certified vegan shoes are lightweight and breathable. Merging modern technologies with traditional methods passed down between generations, all of YATAY’s shoes are handcrafted by artisan shoemakers from the Italian region of Marche. Made in Italy, all items are created using the finest materials. 

The brand ensures sustainability in all aspects of production, keeping its CO2 emissions minimal. When a shoe has reached the end of its life, the sole can be recycled and the remaining components disposed of responsibly. For this purpose, the brand collaborates with Italian NGO Retake to carry out the process. Additionally, for every pair of shoe sold, YATAY plants one tree. Each shoe gets a unique code on its heel to represent YATAY’s environmental commitments.


Womsh is a brand Made in Italy that combines fashion with sustainability, Italian craftsmanship with ethical production, and respect for the environment with respect for people. After years of extensive research and hard work, Womsh entered the international market with an innovative collection of beautiful and environmentally friendly sneakers without compromising on quality.

Their footwear is created entirely in Italy, from design to production. With every item we buy, we are choosing how we want the planet to be treated. This brand’s philosophy is dedicated to offering more ecologically conscious options for people who are striving to change the world. At Womsh, they believe that positive change in the world of fashion can be generated by choosing responsible ways of production and consumption.

BellaStoria Vegan Shoes

From ballet flats and sandals to boots and sneakers, BellaStoria produces eco-friendly shoes delivering excellence in breathability and comfort. A small family business in the heart of Tuscany, this Italian brand supports small artisans who are behind all aspects of the production, from hand-cutting, sewing and assembly.

By following its mission based on the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – the brand significantly minimises the number of products that are sent to landfill each year. Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, the brand uses natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, nettle as well as reused fabrics from tapestries, vintage clothes, recycled airbags, recycled seatbelts. All collections are made in line with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) standards for sustainability, respecting the environment and produced under fair working conditions.