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February, 3rd 2021

Be good to your skin by feeding it with organic skin care. Not only will your skin be glowing and thank you for it later, but your body will be free of harmful chemicals and full of good antioxidants. Today, Staiy introduces one of the best bio skincare brands out there: Panakeea.

Words By Jen McDonald

Why is Panakeea skin care all that and more?

Staiy welcomes Panakeea skincare brand to our marketplace. They are the real deal; a brand which is honest and transparent in everything they do! Panakeea is an organic cosmetic brand certified by PETA and made in Germany. All their products are also dermatologically tested, sustainable and cruelty-free. If that doesn’t sound impressive enough, you will even find that some of their products are also vegan. They are a brand that stays true to themselves and do not try to promote themselves to be anything other than what they are. They are passionate and promise consumers ‘the highest organic quality and the highest organic content in every product’.


Is using organic skin care products just as important as eating organic?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’, but have you ever stopped to think if it is actually true? Well, eating organic food is better for our bodies as it contains more beneficial nutrients like antioxidants. A study from the Newcastle University found that organic crops had 60% higher antioxidants than conventionally grown crops. A more worrying find was that conventionally grown crops had 75% more traces of harmful pesticides. It is important to eat good food to be healthy, fit and for our own mental wellbeing. The same applies to your skin, by feeding it with organic products it is much better for our complexion and our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs what we put in it. Therefore, going au natural is the way forward! 

How do you know what you are putting on your skin?

Okay, so keeping up with all the skin care fads out there is very confusing! Never mind knowing if they are organic, natural or bio. Natural beauty is a trend that most companies want to advertise their brand as being. You need to be careful that when you buy skincare you know exactly what you are putting into your skin. Some brands claim to be organic, natural, or bio but this isn’t exactly true. The only way to be sure of what you are buying is to read every label. Keep in mind they appear in the quantity order, the higher quantity should come first, then the lowest. If you’re still confused, then it’s best to download an app to get a little helping hand. The best app out there is‘Think Dirty App’  which scans your cosmetics and tells you what ingredients are toxic and good in your cosmetics. Saving you time and not frying your brain in the process!

What is the best skin care out there?

If you are wanting to go one step further than organic cosmetics, then you will love Bio skincare. It has all the same benefits as organic skincare products and are bursting with natural ingredients and vitamins to keep our skin glowing 24/7! However, what differentiates them from organic skincare is they are all certified and use ingredients that all come from bio farms. Bio certified skincare is eco-friendly and is good for your overall health, making it the best skincare products out there if you are concerned about the origin of the ingredients you put on your skin and the environment.

How are Panakeea products produced?

Well, they are exactly what they say on their label! All their products are guaranteed to have 99% organic content and the other 1% is “only” natural. They preserve their products naturally, without chemicals and without alcohol. To do this they mix otocopherol (vitamin E) and sunflower oil. The materials they use for the tocopherol are natural and are completely produced naturally too but cannot be certified organic just yet.


Why Bio?

Well, here are four reasons to shop Panakeea and use bio. Firstly, bio prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, as well as genetic modification. Secondly, they protect the natural and biodiversity, water and soil. Thirdly, they reduce greenhouse gases: lower CO2 and N2O emissions. Fourthly, they are better for the supply chain, as they have higher incomes and better living standards for suppliers in developing countries. 

Who are the founders behind the brand Panakeea?

In 2015 Panakeea was born by organic lovers Kerstin and André. They have always had a strong interest in sustainability, regionality and a plastic-free life. André was searching for a pomade without petroleum-based raw materials, free from paraffin and completely organic. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any, so he decided to create his own organic pomade. Kerstin and André then decided to read up on natural cosmetics and how to start producing them. They then develop an organic pomade based on beeswax. However, they didn’t stop there, they decided to develop a line of organic cosmetics, and we are so glad they did! 

Panakeea, derived from Panakeia. In Greek mythology, Panakeia is the daughter of Asklepios, the god of healing. Panakeia, is an all-rounder, she was seen by the people as the personification of healing through medicinal plants. And that is exactly what Panakeea organic cosmetics are. Purely plant-based to help the skin, care for it and strengthen its natural barrier, harmless and organic.


What products do they sell?

All Panakeea products use the best ingredients to nutritious your complex. They come in cute, sustainable glass containers which are the perfect size to fit in your handbag or toiletry bag. Their product ranges are a must-have for anyone who wants to shop organic. These essential products are also affordable and come in a variety of beautiful scents. One of Staiy’s favourites is their ‘Clean it all set’, an organic makeup oil which comes with organic cotton pads, thus making it effortless to remove your makeup at the end of the day. They also have a range which is suitable for babies, their ‘Baby care oil’ cares for and regenerates baby’s skin thanks to the very high proportion of cold-pressed almond oil. It is also fragrance free, making it the best for the little ones. Moreover, we couldn’t live without the ‘Night care oil’ in our nightly skin routine; the cold pressed passion fruit and the pomegranate seed oil moisturises and illuminates your skin overnight. You will wake up feeling regenerated and glowing throughout the day! 

Why not treat your skin to some silky smooth organic food. We guarantee once you use Panakeea products you will be thanking us later!