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December, 25th 2020

Korean beauty brand Urang has an unusual production policy: manufacturers are asked to listen to beautiful music while they create the natural and organic skincare. Read this article to find out why.

Words By Marina Hoyer

Before launching Urang, Jina Lee had been working at a pharmaceutical and biochemistry company for seven years. It was in her late twenties when she started to realise that her personal care products were full of toxins. Drawing from her professional expertise, she began to study in depth about chemicals and ingredients, and finally put together her first own recipes for natural and organic skincare. When Lee became a mother, she felt even more devoted to creating safe, effective and quality-oriented cosmetics for her growing family. This desire was followed by the wish to provide the same for other people as well. Lee started selling her products and the story of Urang began.

“My own formulas and the love I have put into Urang are the essence of the brand. This hasn’t changed since the early days and I spend a lot of effort in sourcing all the high-quality components myself,” explains Lee. “I’ve now also been trying to increase locally-harvested ingredients. Currently, we use extracts from of a Korean cactus called Opuntia Humifusa in one of our sheet masks and ampoules. For 2021, we have even more in line. The new products will contain water and extract from organic ginseng, rice and chamomile, all of which will be cultivated and produced exclusively in South Korea.”

If ingredients are sourced outside of Korea, they mostly stem from small suppliers. The Frankincense and Helichrysum Essential Oil, for example, is produced in a little factory in Verona, Italy. While this is cost-intensive, the brand’s founder does not mind paying a higher price for exceptional manufacturers: “Our Italian partner factory values the environment and produces premium essential oils in a difficult process. Of course this is not cheap, but when you buy a cheap product, somebody or something else pays the price.”


The high quality also reflects in the brand’s refined aesthetic. “Our design is inspired by nature, both externally and internally. Externally, the bottles have a rounded edge, just like our beautiful planet is round. Round objects exude a calm, natural serenity”, Lee describes. “Internally, we want to convey the message that ageing is a natural process. At Urang, we don’t intend to stop that process, but we want to embrace it. Our focus is on ageing beautifully and gracefully.” 

Just like the ageing process, the production process is crucial for Lee as well. For this reason, she has established a policy asking manufacturers to listen to peaceful, inspiring music while producing Urang skincare. The Korean entrepreneur believes that her cosmetics breathe and feel, that they have energy: “A product made in a positive environment is bound to affect the person who uses it.”


Nature, sustainability, modern luxury with a touch of craftsmanship, a personal story — associations that Urang evokes. But its core can be found in two values that are even more simple and essential. “We started out by making products for family and friends with love and sincerity,” says Lee, “and we now wish to deliver that same love and sincerity to our customers as well. That is what drives us and defines us.”