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If you want to fight against climate change and eat better food, sustainable gardening is a great choice. We give you some tips to change the way you garden for the better and embrace a more ethical and healthy lifestyle.

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza del Olmo


As conversations about the depletion of the world’s natural resources and the degradation of ecosystems become more common, our individual actions take on greater value, as we all must do what we can to stop climate change. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to live a more conscious life is sustainable gardening.

Sustainable gardening combines the principles of organic gardening with more general resource conservation practices. It is all about improving the health of the soil and growing native, climate-appropriate fruits and vegetables, supporting the pollinating work of insects and avoiding having a negative impact on the environment. In this way, we will not only improve the biodiversity in our area, but we will also be able to grow organic and nutritious food all year long.

If you have a small piece of land next to your house or near it, you can use it to grow some plants. Spring has just begun and it is an ideal time to start your small sustainable garden. Here are five tips to get you up and running!

Avoid Pesticides 

It is important to avoid pesticides, since they have very detrimental effects on pollination and can also harm our health. Instead, use beneficial insects for the different types of plants in your garden and try companion planting, growing together plants that help nurture and protect each other from the elements.

Try Composting 

To fertilize the soil in your garden and help your plants to grow, there is nothing better than homemade compost! You can create your own in a corner of the kitchen or your garden from vegetable waste, grass cutting and other organic remains, and with the invaluable support of some earthworms. Soon you will have a good amount of compost with which to enrich and heal the soil.

Grow The Right Plants

Growing native plants has many advantages. They are well-suited to the climatic conditions of the place where you live, so they will mature in the growing season of your area, they will be of lower maintenance and will help the soil to remain in better condition. Selecting plants correctly will help you preserve and promote local biodiversity without consuming too much of your time.

Save Water 

Water management has become a growing problem in much of the world. Droughts and floods are becoming more frequent, making it difficult to make adequate use of water resources. Therefore, it is a good idea to use drip irrigation instead of sprinkler watering for your sustainable garden, and place a barrel under your gutter so that you can take advantage of rainwater. This will make your plants happy and help you save money while doing good for the planet.

Use Natural Materials 

Why use single-use plastic pots when you can resort to biodegradable materials that you surely have on hand at home? Use cardboard rolls to make seed pots and use wood and rattan to make homemade outdoor furniture and other decorative elements with which to make your garden a pleasant and comfortable place to spend more time this spring and summer.