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The sustainable German brand Achiy has just launched its new collection, inspired by the Inca culture. Now you can find all the details in Staiy Edit.

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza


According to ancient Inca beliefs, there were three different worlds that interacted with each other: this is the basis of the new Achiy collection. The underworld is represented by the serpent, the mountains symbolize the world of the living, and the condor guards the upper world, that of the gods. 

One of the points of contact between these worlds was the city of Cusco, in Peru, the place where Achiy’s Spring-Summer collection has been created. Brand founder Vivica Pietz tells us how “There (in Cusco) it was possible to cross the bridge between the worlds, represented by Chakana, the Andean Cross. Its four angles symbolize the cardinal points of the Inca Empire, and the sacred city is located right in the center.” As can be seen, the entire collection is full of symbolic elements that refer to nature and to the culture of the indigenous peoples of Peru.

At Achiy, they take care of everything in detail, from the concepts behind the original designs to the garments’ manufacturing process. This begins with the recognition and celebration of the knitters’ expertise. Indeed, they make each piece by hand, using organic alpaca wool and other natural elements, and receiving in return a fair salary and favorable working conditions. In addition, ancient Peruvian production techniques are used to make the clothing, which ensures the maintenance over time of centuries-old traditions. 

The original nations of Peru are very present in this brand based in Hamburg, to the point that its own name, Achiy, is an expression in Quechua meaning “enjoy and experience”. Through the production and sale of sustainable clothing manufactured in this South American country, Pietz seeks to tell the stories of the people who live there and showcase their expertise in the art of knitting.

The new collection for this season includes dresses, cardigans, skirts, summer scarves, slipovers and tunics. These are unique pieces coloured with natural dyes and made of the highest quality alpaca wool. Smaller elements, such as buttons, are also made from natural materials, like coconut.

Achiy brings us very easy-to-wear garments, light and with simple yet elegant shapes, perfect to combine in urban outfits or to look great on a country getaway. Their soft and relaxing tones, reminiscent of the Peruvian mountains and the hues of the eucalyptus trees, allow you to give versatility to garments whose quality will make them last for years. Clothes made with love for you to enjoy the summer in style.

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‘Chakana’ Pima Cotton Knit Cardigan

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‘Anden Serpent’ Alpaca Pullover (Lara)

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‘Pachamama’ Alpaca Knit Cardigan