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At Staiy this week, we are continuing our brand spotlighting with the Berlin-based jewelry brand, Milanova Studio. Mila Wielusinska, the designer, talks to us about the inspiration behind the brand name and plunges into the topics of sustainability, astronomical events and the female traits that influence her pieces.

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck

November, 23rd 2020

Milanova Studio is the artistic brainchild of Mila Wielusinska. The beginnings of her creative journey go back to high school and a love of clay. Here, she had her first true experience with sculpture, studying ceramics as an elective. Mila went on to study interior design as a degree at the Academia of Fine Arts in Poland. After graduating and moving to Berlin, the designer realized how much she missed the tactile manipulation of ceramics, so she began taking classes in jewelry making. She was immediately struck by the endless creativity and knowledge that is required in designing jewelry. It became the perfect blend of visualization from interior design and the hands-on approach in ceramics and sculpture. And so began her intimate affair with jewelry, opening up her own studio and launching the brand in 2016. 

To Mila, the most challenging part of running her own jewelry brand is in the business aspect. Over time though, she has honed her entrepreneurial skills and is much a part of every single step of the process. “I can make everything up in my head and easily just leave it at home but the success would only be with myself,” she says. Mila has chosen to create and share her beautiful, minimalist pieces of jewelry with the world while taking its wellbeing into account in the process.


Mila is the designer, manufacturer, business woman and all-round boss woman behind the brand. Making the jewelry herself allows her to ensure each of her products is finished to perfection. “It’s a whole process, looking at the shapes around you and then translating them into the language of jewelry,” Mila explains. “The funnest part is making your ideas come to life.” It is within the delicate handcrafting of her pieces that lies Mila’s sustainability practices. Sustainability is a subject close to her heart. She uses materials that do not have to travel long distances, often sourcing them from local secondhand and vintage shops. All of her pieces are made from recycled gold or silver, both precious metals that can be melted down and remolded to take on a new life and design. The goldsmith system in general is a circular one because of that exact process. For any business working towards a sustainable future, transparency and a commitment to learning new processes is crucial, both of which are evident at Milanova Studio.

“I see a cosmic woman in each of us”

When discussing the inspiration behind her pieces, Mila talks about her favourite qualities in women, “smart and sexy”, which are the defining characteristics of her brand. “It’s a very important combination for me and when I think about women that I admire, there’s something very strong behind those words,” the designer explains. “As is being aware of yourself and your power as a woman. The pieces themselves are minimalistic but with a twist! I like to play with form and give pieces a dual function so they can be worn on a night out or just during the day.” Mila continues: “My whole brand is focused on the female figure. I relate [the female figure] to the cosmos. The name of the brand – ‘nova’ – comes from when stars orbit each other and suddenly increase in brightness. I find it very inspiring that much of the cosmos remains a mystery and that stars are exploding and in a way, fertile, because everything is made of stars. I also relate cosmos to the character of women; I see a cosmic woman in each of us.”



The cosmological event after which the brand was named is called a ‘kilonova’. This event starts with a pair of neutron stars that most likely spent over eleven billion years circling each other, slowly getting closer. When they finally collide, the stars spew out precious metals in a stupendous display of cosmic fireworks. This explosion generates approximately two-hundred Earth masses of pure gold! Awestruck by this fact, Mila says, “For me, it was mind blowing to discover that something I can hold in my hand comes from this. It’s just not often that we think about gold in this way.” 

From astronomical events to female heroines, Mila draws on it all to create elegant pieces for the very women and world that inspire her. The future for Milanova Studio shines bright. Staiy’s collaboration with the brand promises to be nothing short of fireworks, so keep your eyes peeled!