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October, 21st 2020

In the spirit of conscious consumption, pioneering footwear fashion label, Melissa, has released its latest model – the Melissa Flox M. Using its latest innovations in sustainability, Melissa has created a shoe that is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable!

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck



Somewhere along the French Riviera in the year of 1979, a young Melissa watched with curiosity as a fisherman went about his work, when she noticed his shoes. This exact moment became a pivotal source of inspiration for the designer, leading to the conceptualisation of the infamous and original Aranha model that sky-rocketed the Melissa brand into what it is today. Melissa shoes are sold in over 70 countries, with more than 32 million pairs having been produced within the last decade.

Melissa lives by three pillars: art, fashion and design. These pillars, combined with her drive for sustainable development, form the cornerstone of her brand. Innovation is another key part of the Melissa culture, with the brand being one of the first to create collaborative collections. Melissa has collaborated with iconic names in fashion, art and architecture such as Zaha Hadid, Vivienne Westwood, Jason, and countless others, establishing their first collaboration with Jean-Paul Gaultier all the way back in 1983!

Melissa’s latest product, however, has not been in collaboration with any upcoming designer or street artist, but has focused on their newest sustainable achievement. The Melissa Flox M model is the brand’s first shoe made from 100% recycled materials. Brand ambassador Joseph Abela offered Staiy a glance at the newest addition to their collection during a collaborative IG Live, noting the significance of its release date, October 15th – Brazil’s Conscious Consumption Day. October 15th, 2019 Melissa opened up their ‘Galerias’ and ‘Clubes’ – that is, their concept stores and headquarters, respectively – to encourage the recycling of old Melissa shoes using new recycling bins dotted around their stores and offices. The shoes are collected from the bins, molded down and repurposed into the Flox M shoe. As stated by Abela, “Now, in this new 100% recycled version, the Flox is ready to live new adventures, on new feet, through new people.”


The launch presents a substantial achievement in innovation: whilst most Melissa shoes contain 15-30% recycled materials, the Flox M pushes this number to 100%. Regardless of their composition, all Melissa shoes are 100% recyclable due to the unique and proprietary MELFLEX™ material developed and employed by the brand. This formula lends the shoes resistance, flexibility and waterproof qualities ensuring stellar durability. On top of this, Melissa is officially registered as vegan by The Original Vegan Society. Not just a trending marketing strategy, being vegan requires all solid, liquid and gas residues from production to be dealt with properly in house, while also adhering to its zero waste policy. Not to mention the impressive feat of recycling all of its deadstock into next season’s collections!

Melissa drew from the philosophy of Brazil’s Conscious Consumption Day to create their all new 100% recycled and 100% recyclable Flox M model, a shoe where both the origin and destination of the product are considered. At Staiy, we will be keeping a close eye on Melissa to catch its next pioneering sustainability innovations.

Want to see and hear from Melissa themselves about the Flox M model? Head over to our Instagram Live Stories @Staiy_Official to get an exclusive look!