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December, 30th 2020

She is driven by a passion for reusing old materials in the crafting process of jewelry. From an artistic contemporary perspective, the Italian designer Daniela Piano conceptualizes psychological issues as unique jewel designs.

Words By Hillary Ribeiro

Daniela Piano explored alternative ways to express her art and ideas as she went to study abroad in Belgium. She discovered a passion for reusing old materials in the crafting process of jewels, which from her artistic contemporary perspective conceptualizes psychological issues, such as eating disorders. One of her past jewelry collections was made of everyday life materials, such as gloves, plastic, metal, recycled metals, or wood. “ I never buy anything to make my jewelry,” she tells us. She communicates her brand by using different instruments to raise awareness of psychological disorders that can’t be seen or felt.

As a designer and artist who is in a continuous creative process, her main values stay reflected in humanity. From her point of view, a product does not need to only be beautiful or special, as she aims to create pieces that can mentally help people solve problems in their daily lives. Daniela considers herself an overthinker and this factor is precisely what she faces as a difficult point to leverage when structuring her workflow.

The artist acknowledges anxiety and depression as some of the psychological problems linked to new changes in the current society. “The main source of these problems comes from social media,” she explains when questioned about the meaning of new changes in society. Body distortion is something commonly displayed on these platforms, so are judgmental feedbacks that end up leading to eating disorders.

More often than not, it falls off the radar that behind the displayed image, there is a human, a person and that is precisely what inspires Daniela to turn delicate topics into conscious jewelry or interior design pieces.

The Milan-based artist initiates her creative process with sketches and mockups, depending on the main idea. “ I also try to go out and take pictures of what I want to do”, she adds. The materials of which the designs are made of play an important role in the final result as new products entirely made of old and used garments are then brought to life. As a consequence, it reassures the sustainability concept.

As an artist herself, Daniela has had to redirect her artistic vision to a digital scenario, as the restrictions of the global lockdown have brought limitations involving the search for recycled materials that are the core of her designs. Photography and video are two other elements that captivated the Italian artist’s attention, as she enjoys learning different ways of approaching her artistic vision and ideas.

One of the artist’s favorite jewelry projects is named Red Obsession, which contextualizes a particular moment of her own life described as an anxiety struggle. Expressed as an inner conflict, Daniela used different sizes of chains and locks that are meant to leave marks, a sign on the skin. 

She points out that the focus on sustainability is not only a topic to be taken into account when it comes to purchasing art or fashion, but also an important talk to bring up about the connection between the world and our health.