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November, 27th 2020

Your body and the planet – these are the two homes Halation Health help you cherish. The Australian-based company provides natural and sustainable products across wellness, beauty and lifestyle.

Words By Srishti Narang


Halation means to spread light beyond physical boundaries, and this is exactly the brand’s intention. “The company was born amidst the COVID-19 crisis to help change people’s lives for the better,” says Christina Taylor, the Managing Director
of Halation Health. “The world was going so fast, people wanted to spend more [money] on sustainable brands and invest a little more in terms of beauty and health.” With the increase in the number of hours people spend at home, there is a clear rise in self-care and a desire for achieving beauty from the inside rather than the outside.

‘Partnering people to thrive’ is one of the brand’s main values. Christina describes the company family as flexible, hardworking and passionate: “Passion is a massive thing for me and it needs to be followed up with hard work. You need to believe in the work that you do and also put the effort in. Being flexible is also so important to finding solutions in any situation and making it a win-win for both us and the people.”


The twist here is that, unlike other e-commerce platforms, Halation Health recognizes that their partner retailers and consumers are often too overwhelmed with emails. With their one-stop shopping platform, the brand has created a seamless and hassle-free user experience where shoppers can research, compare and buy products all on one website.

By working closely with their trusted partner brands and being an agent-only company, Halation offers a more timely and personalised service. All of their brands are also proudly showcased in their physical store in Sydney, offering flexible opening hours to fit around people’s busy lives.

Halation Health is not just a platform for consumers to buy ethically-made Australian wellness and beauty products, but a wonderland for suppliers to achieve their wishes, hopes, dreams.