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November, 16th 2020

Self-care and Zoom calls have become the norm in this period of quarantine, leaving more of us searching for high quality, affordable luxury products. Coming all the way from Australia, ‘Halo Is The New Black’ offers a solution in the form of its simple and organic beauty range.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna 

Raised enjoying Australia’s white sandy beaches and Pacific ocean breeze, Michelle Driver founded Halo is the New Black, an inclusive, eco skin care brand that opts for a ‘less is more’ approach. On a cross-continental call, Driver takes Staiy on a virtual tour of her brand’s history and products.

Inspired by her native country’s renowned natural beauty, the name of Driver’s brand entices us with a “come back to mother earth” message, aiming to connect the human body to nature through its entirely organic and cruelty free formulations.

Scrolling through their e-commerce shop, the ingredients list of each product can be read even by kids: simple, clear and all certified natural ingredients. Their Clarifying Face Oil for instance, suggested as part of a ‘Blemish and Break-Out Prone Rescue’ routine, is composed of a rejuvenating and exotic blend of herbs and flowers including sunflower, hemp, raspberry, green tea, jojoba, watermelon, licorice, matcha and rosemary. We can rest assured knowing exactly what we are nourishing our skin with and where those ingredients come from.

At the moment, this cleansing oil is among the brand’s best selling products, together with their Halo Glow Lip Oil which drove customers – and the whole media – wild when it first dropped. Its non-sticky formula provides a silky soft finish working not only to enrich and moisturize, but adds a little blush to your lips as a finishing touch. More than an ultra-hydrating balm, this lip oil has an LED light and mirror feature, creating the ultimate addition to any woman’s purse for touching up one’s makeup when travelling around, going for lunch with friends or on a night out. 

Driver herself suggests that the key to a perfect skincare routine is in keeping it simple: stick to two or three steps a day starting with a cleanser, then a moisturizer and finishing off with a serum or oil, using products best suited to your skin type and whether it is morning or evening. Our skin produces sebum during the night, so as you wake, it is best to splash your face with cold water and opt for a tonifying product. At night, it is essential to remove any leftover makeup using a cleanser and a few drops of a plant or flower-based oil to nourish the skin.

Of course, as a native Australian woman, Driver is not one to forgo a weekly Australian pink clay mask for a little detox and that extra glow. Many clay masks on the market come in a water-based form, requiring a whole host of cryptic additives and preservatives to prevent the product from deteriorating. Well not this brand’s product. Halo is the New Black clay masks come in a powder form that results in a much longer shelf life without the need of harmful chemicals. The powder can be mixed directly into the palm of your hands with a few drops of water, applied to the face in a thick layer and kept on until it dries out, taking a maximum of fifteen minutes. Not bad for a home spa retreat!

The botanical garden of Halo is the New Black is continuing to grow with new products flourishing and rapidly becoming women’s essentials. While waiting for the release of their next floral concoction, Driver’s magic continues to spread across the globe with her “secret” touch: infusing products with rose quartz microcrystals, lending her beauty products a soothing energy and promoting self-love.