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Sweater weather is here and the new collection by IAIOS has just landed on Discover this season’s must haves and get ready to cosy up with these new outfits.

Words By Alessandra Di Perna

October, 28th 2020

Whether you are looking to wrap up warm as you step out into the crisp, fall air, or simply want to snuggle down in the comfort of your home, IAIOS have heard your prayers and provide you with their new, knitted statement sweaters. In the words of the IAIOS founders, “A sweater is a story to be told”, and with the drop of IAIOS’ warmest collection yet, these sweaters are ready to tell their story.

From burgundy and crimson red to shades of amber and navy tones, a spectrum of autumnal colours hit the scene for the IAIOS 2020 Winter Campaign. Refreshed with new colors, the sweaters continue to set themselves apart due to their exquisite knit, so soft and fluffy, like your own personal, wearable hug.



Ultimate comfort aside, these pullovers were created with sustainability in mind. IAIOS does not use dyes during the production process to avoid damaging the natural fabrics and to create a product that stands the test of time. Handmade in Barcelona, the uniqueness of IAIOS designs is evident, from the country-chic patterns to the origins of the materials. The sweaters are made from recycled yarn that was fabricated from recovered pieces of wool where the fibers are separated according to their color before crushing and spinning them. 

The word IAIOS is Catalan, the native language of the founders, and is a term used when referring to one’s grandparents, and is therefore associated with familiarity, wisdom and respect. With this in mind, IAIOS created their sweaters to encapsulate a sense of heritage in their designs. Every piece bears the name of a person who upholds their values according to their own convictions.


And when the time has come for your beloved sweater to move on, you can send it straight back to IAIOS to be recycled once again!

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