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Hermandia. It could be a brand. It could be a legendary country from Norse mythology. Could it be both? 

Words By Marina Hoyer 

January, 13th 2021

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the word Hermandia reminds of a state. When Hermanni Vuorisalo launched the Finnish accessory label in 2018, he had originally done so under his own name. But as the brand expanded, he wanted to take the focus away from himself as designer and founder and opt for a more meaningful name. “I came up with Hermandia because it sounds like a place or even a nation,” explains Vuorisalo, “and a nation can have its own policy, its own values, its own rules. In the case of our little Hermandia universe, these rules are all about sustainability and respecting nature.”

Nature is the very essence of the brand. It is more than just an element of Hermandia’s philosophy or their sustainability commitment — literally each and every item is a product of nature. “Nature also gives me a lot of inspiration when I work on the design process. It provides me with a profound calmness, and it is infinite. This is why Hermandia products are timeless, too. Because they are inspired by Mother Nature herself,” explains Vuorisalo.

Likewise, even the brand’s slogan reads express your nature’. While linking back to the key element of Hermandia, it also encourages customers to be brave and show their individual personality. “It’s about courage. The courage to be yourself as you are, to embrace your uniqueness and be confident about it,” says Vuorisalo. “We want people to feel like our products help them express their own nature.”

This works especially well with the SÖÖR organic neckwear line, a collection of luxurious wooden bow ties. Although the standard range already features over 80 different styles, it is also possible to customise a design. All bow ties are carefully crafted from precious woods like mahogany, walnut, teak, cherry, wenge or birch, and hugged in the middle by a textile or leather fabric. Wearing a SÖÖR means being able to inhale the one-of-a-kind scent of natural wood, feeling its smooth, velvety finish, and experiencing nature’s lush luxury with all senses.


All of the brand’s products are designed and handmade by founder Hermanni Vuorisalo himself in Turku, Finland. This meticulous process is deeply rooted in Hermandia’s philosophy. “We stand for organic materials, the preservation of nature and the utmost attention to detail,” explains Vuorisalo. “At Hermandia, we deeply respect the tradition of fine craftsmanship and pay tribute to it with our Nordic aesthetic. We are not a mass production factory but a design atelier. Our focus is on sustainability, transparent manufacturing and creating quality accessories. Most important to us is that everything is carefully thought through. While this also includes the style of our products, it encompasses much more than external looks. It starts at where and how we source our material and goes even beyond where the waste is processed.”

SÖÖR bow ties, for instance, consist of excess wood from FSC certified forests and fabric made of either premium surplus textiles provided by local tailors or recycled leather from vintage boxing gloves. Out of material that remains from SÖÖR production, Hermandia then carves their unique DAAM earrings. This smart procedure ensures not only that each accessory can be matched with its sibling, but also that resources are used in an optimum way.


Any glues or finishing coats are organic too, making Hermandia products free from chemicals or plastic. “It’s very important to me that Hermandia is 100% sustainable and respectful of our beautiful planet,” says Vuorisalo. “This really includes every little detail. I have, for example, done a long research to ensure that our labels are eco-friendly as well. Now I have finally found a company from Italy that creates tags from recycled polyester and natural viscose.”

For the future, Vuorisalo wants to expand Hermandia’s sustainability commitment even further: “Being a green company goes beyond the idea of just not harming the environment through production. What I want is to actually preserve nature. My dream for Hermandia is to grow our own forests and plant a tree for each purchase.”