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From natural ingredients to appreciating the female body’s magic- Laura Simonow talks to writer Marina Hoyer about the philosophy behind her functional cosmetics brand This Place. 

Words By Marina Hoyer


Imagine sundrenched hemp plants, ripened in front of the breathtaking panorama of the Swiss Alps and harvested by hand. The organic CBD extracted from them is the key ingredient in all four creams by This Place. 

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant that is not addictive and is said to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and relaxing effects. Unlike THC, CBD has no intoxicating effect and does not fall under the Narcotics Act. It can be absorbed particularly well through our skin to unfold its various positive effects on mood, appetite and pain.

For co-founder Laura Simonow, This Place is not just about cosmetics, but first and foremost about effectiveness. “Each product is designed for specific areas of application”, she explains. “To this end, we have spent over a year in the laboratory researching and looking for the right composition.” 

The Glow, for instance, has been proven to reduce inflammation on the skin by 98 percent. It is a revitalising face cream with zinc, CBD, plant terpenes and extracts of cedar and olive leaves that makes the skin radiant when it feels dull and pale.

For those who struggle with finding a restful sleep, Simonow recommends The Good Night, a relaxing sleep cream with melatonin, blue tansy and CBD that has a calming effect.

Simonow has a medical background and many years of experience in scientific research in the field. In her view, though, relying on natural ingredients is anything but a contradiction to academic medicine. 

“We often don’t realise that many pharmaceuticals or medical drugs are actually synthetic recreations of active substances from nature. Mother Nature offers us such an abundance of amazing ingredients for health and wellbeing. I always try to have a go at mild, natural remedies before resorting to drugs”, she points out.

When Simonow struggles with headaches after a busy day in the office, she swears by The Blissful Day, her brand’s soothing muscle cream with silver willow, arnica, CBD and various plant-derived terpenes. Turmeric, for example, works as an antioxidant for the joints and maritime pine bark allows for maximum effect. 

With This Place, Laura Simonow wanted to create something special. Her goal is to inspire people to establish selfcare not as a ritual, but as a holistic way of life. “I want to help them improve their health in the long term and raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle”, she passionately expresses. “It’s a way of supporting body and mind in a sustainable way and to regain personal balance in everyday life.”

Especially dear to her heart is the series’ fourth product: The Hug, a cream designed specifically for relief from period pain. It contains CBD, ginger and St. John’s wort to balance the inner turmoil, extracts of frankincense and maritime pine bark, as well as monk’s pepper and plant terpenes for maximum effect. By applying a thin layer on the lower abdomen and massaging it in circular motion, the active ingredients can be fully absorbed by the body. 

But there is more to the reason why The Hug is Simonow’s favourite product. “With The Hug, we not only want to give women a natural soft-support for their menstruation pain, but also speak up and create awareness around this topic”, she states and explains why there is still so much to talk about when it comes to the magic of the female body. 

“Talking about the cycle in public was far from normal for a long time. In some cultures, menstruating people are considered dirty and withdrawn from society. But even in our Western world, there are still people to whom periods cause disgust and this ultimately leads to shame and embarrassment for many women”, Simonow acknowledges. 

With The Hug, she hopes to normalise the female cycle as a topic. “My ultimate goal is to raise respect for femininity. I want to give women, from young to old, a way to appreciate their body, learn more about their cycle and get advice on how to handle period pain.”

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