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Growing new coral in an underwater nursery on Magoodhoo island; Credit: Giulia Piermartiri and Edoardo Delille / Institute

The inspiring Mie Dahlquist at Five Media informs Staiy about the urgent need to tackle our climate crisis. To work towards a sustainable future, 5 has launched an open call to support 10 innovative ideas by funding each of them with up to €100,000! 

Words By Jen McDonald


What is the climate crisis? The climate crisis is a term that describes global warming and climate change. Climate change is happening worryingly faster than predicted, leading to unpredictable events such as heatwaves, storms and rising sea levels, and while it might be difficult to comprehend the long-term effects just yet, if we don’t act now, we will soon discover the repercussions of our polluted society.

Mie Dahlquist is Executive Director of 5, a new impact media foundation putting change-makers in the spotlight and supporting sustainable projects to scale. Funded and founded by impact investor and philanthropist Laura DeVere in 2020, Dahlquist explains that her motivation to launch 5 came from the urge to inspire people to take action, and to co-create a more sustainable future. 5 is all about creating an engaged community to contribute positively to the world, and connecting people, ideas and resources to make change happen.

“We want to connect thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future..”

Mie Dahlquist

Prior to working with 5, Dahlquist worked in the Danish Media industry and for two different fintech startups. However, she explains, a growing concern for the environment became increasingly important to her stating: “Watching the world around me, I decided that going forward, I wanted to spend time on something that would benefit my children, and future generations to come.” This was a defining moment, as she realised that being part of positive change was a prerequisite for the next step in her career.

5’s mission is to offer hands-on support, and create positive impact whilst bridging the gap between thinkers and doers. The foundation uses storytelling to spotlight sustainable solutions and the people behind them – using constructive and positive journalism as a powerful tool to raise awareness and drive action.

Portraits Espigoladors. Barcelona, near Barcelona, volunteer Trinidad Varo helping to pick pumpkinsCredit: Gunnar Knechtel for 5 Media

Local volunteers collect waste weekly. Increasing awareness is leading to action; Credit: Giulia Piermartiri and Edoardo Delille / Instituteby Jess 

While the global pandemic has proven challenging for businesses everywhere, it has been especially hard on non-profit initiatives. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 5 is offering support – launching an open call to support 10 innovative ideas with funding, community and storytelling to help those with sustainable solutions to scale.

“The projects we are looking to support are ones that will inspire and move others to join them in taking action,” explains Dahlquist. The environmental crisis won’t just impact rainforests, or animals in the Antarctic; it will – and does – affect us all. We can see it already with extreme weather changes, rises in food prices and air pollution. So, if you are a sustainable company, or have a sustainable project which makes the future of our planet your number one priority, then you can apply for this grant. You don’t have to be based in Denmark, it is open to anyone in the western world, and is geared to take your initiative to the next level.

Submit your project by applying at by 31st March 2021. And good luck; this is your chance to be seen and heard!

Barcelona, NGO Espigoladors, gleaning of a swiss chard. Volunteers help to pick up the vegetables. The field is outside of Barcelona in an area that is called Sant Boi de Llobregat.Technician working for the NGO explaining the volunteers how to pick up the vegetables; Credit: Gunnar Knechtel for 5 Media to drive change; photo by Thomas Gamstaetter