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HSE University x Staiy: Challenge on Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy

February, 22nd 2021

Staiy announces their second university collaboration with Moscow-based National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University). 

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

On February 24 at 6 pm CET, the HSE University and Staiy will open a team challenge (assignment) devoted to the two most in-demand themes of the modern fashion industry: sustainability and a circular economy. The main idea is to invite students to develop their projects on the theme “Recycling: How It Can Affect Slow Fashion”. The participants, divided into teams of 2-3 people, will be required to prepare a presentation that will help illustrate the results-based decisions and analyses carried out during the project to answer the following research question: 

“How can companies successfully implement recycling and/or other initiatives to promote a circular economy?”

The idea behind the competition is to understand how sustainability plays a fundamental role in an evolving conceptual approach to fashion. The participants are expected to research and encourage innovative strategies to use recycling or other forms of sustainability to promote a positive impact on the circular economy.

The competition, partnering with the HSE Business Incubator, will be held in four phases. During the first phase, Staiy’s co-founder, CFO, and Director of the Sustainability Department, Alessandro Nora will give a live presentation explaining the competition, dates, compliance rules, and announcing its opening. During the second phase, participants will be required to present a final presentation and share their conducted results and proposals. The third phase is the review, assessment, and selection of the best presentations, during which the HSE University and Staiy will announce three finalists. Finalists will have the opportunity to present their presentation and solution to Staiy. As a result of the competition, three winners will be announced and the first place will be awarded an internship in Staiy’s department of primary interest and a 20% and 15% discount code valid until September 2021 for second and third place respectively.