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Staiy is proud to present Iron Roots, an extraordinary sports brand determined to fight against the use of plastic. Discover their new collection and the story behind their life-changing concept!

Words By Sophie Badaoui


Co-founded by Eric de Groot, Ashkan Hashemzadeh and Stefan Boerkamp, Iron Roots makes its entry in the market as the ultimate anti-plastic sports brand. Indeed, they avoid all kinds of plastic, even the recycled ones, which takes sustainable sportswear to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, its name embodies the perfect combination of technology (Iron) and Nature (Roots), reflecting the brand’s philosophy. The aesthetics are designed by Stefan, and inspired by our beautiful Mother Nature. Against the toxic fast fashion movement, Iron Roots was created to prove that “plastic free athletic apparel is possible”!

Unlike the usual polyester or nylon made pieces which contain a massive amount of microplastics, Iron Roots roots for “sustainable and high performing natural materials like hemp, eucalyptus, beechwood, and organic cotton”, as the founders state. Defined as “Natural Athletic Apparel”, Iron Roots positions itself against the fast fashion culture and promotes a shopping culture that is in harmony with Nature. As a matter of fact, their designs and fabrics are at the core of each garment’s value, which is to be cherished and respected. Therefore, they aim for their customers to create a long lasting relationship with the pieces they purchase, awakening their consciousness regarding the planet.

With “Functional, Design and Sustainable” as the three words to describe the brand’s spirit, Iron Roots aims to become the sustainable Nike or Adidas in 10 years. What is truly remarkable about their sportswear compared to others is their ability to prevent microplastics release when washing their products. Consequently, they save “around 10.000 tiny pieces of plastic from reaching the oceans through each washing cycle”, as the founders share. As you can imagine, no plastic is used for shipping, and the packaging is minimized to a few sustainable materials such as recycled cardboard.

However and as one would expect, their philosophy brought them a few challenges. For instance, in the production process, their choices of fabrics involved thorough research and limited accessibility to sustainable, reliable suppliers that were willing to embark on a new, risky journey with them. Nevertheless, believing in their initial idea and sticking to their fruitful plan are what got them through difficult times.

Through his intuitive claim “there is never an ending to sustainability”, Eric de Groot points out the necessity of constant change and adaptation for a better, safer, cleaner future. Unsurprisingly and rightly so, he blames the fast fashion industry for its lack of transparency and its mass consumption culture, jokingly assuming that “whoever thought we needed 20 seasons was probably a bit drunk”.

Having a look at their collection, Staiy displays wonderful, breathable and natural Iron Roots pieces on its website. For instance, their cobalt blue beechwood performance t-shirt is to die for, as it screams comfort and style at the same time. Moreover, their sand grey unisex hemp performance hoodie portrays practicality and aesthetics. Not to forget, their amazing “Heavy Duty” hemp black tote bag will be your best friend, accompanying you to all your workout sessions!

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