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Amadeus Bijoux london


Fine gold and hand-made silver jewels meet precious natural gemstones to create magic in Amadeus’ London studio. Keep reading for a little sprinkle of inspiration.


Words By Alessandra Di Perna

January, 15th 2021

Just over two years ago, designer Nathalie Simond founded her own label, Amadeus Bijoux. Simond took over the creative direction of the brand by giving jewelry a new sustainable face. Without boundaries to her imagination, Amadeus Bijoux collections are the gemstone version of Simond’s beliefs, and the result of her inspiration from her travels around the world, from Paris to London, to the more exotic cultures of Eastern China. 

Pendant drops gemstone earrings, pearl-embroidered bracelets, hammed and textured gold rings are all accessories that are easy to wear and deliver an effortlessly chic look by adding a simple statement and the ultimate touch of refinement. Every piece is hand-crafted at the London based studio to ensure full control of the process that represents part of Simond’’s new love, an eclectic and ethic-inspired collection.


Style and consciousness intersect creating unique and fine bijoux with warm and delicate colors. All the materials involved in the hand-made creation process are natural and ethically sourced: recycled fair-trade silver and gold share the stage along with gemstones, which are either recycled from vintage pieces or hand sourced in legislated and fair-trade mines. The latter provide accurate tallying of toxic mining waste that replenish mine sites. Moreover, pearls are instead hand-picked in an eco-friendly Asian sea farm; by establishing a direct relationship with locals Amadeus Bijoux ensures the circularity of profits and fair wages for all the communities involved.

Timeless, fashionable and sustainable, Amadeus Bijoux was born as its founder wanted people to look good, feel good and do good. Sustainability at Amadeus means caring about others and the future generations , and being able to pass on things that are worthy of care. According to Simond, sustainability is a feeling that can be felt in the timezone when we are struggling to breath in fresh air due to mechanization of work and process, it is important to recognize the value of a healthy environment.”

Amadeus Bijoux

Amethysts, smokey and gold rose quartz chandelier earrings remind of sunset tones, along with mesmerizing labradorite necklaces with earthy shades, which create an inner connection with nature, embodying a desire for calm and emotional healing. Empathy for the planet is at the core of Amadeus Bijoux, as the studio produces zero waste: all the gold and silver are re-used for new jewels and the current packages are plastic-free and made of recycled materials. Jewels ready for shipping are stored in hand-made, soft, little pouches in their studio using the lining of vintage suits; in addition, a tree is planted for every order placed on the website, as the company partners with Tree-Nation to offset the negative effect of each delivery and make them carbon-neutral.

Natural touches of elegance and guilty-free deliveries are only two of the characteristics that make Amadeus Bijoux so special. For all the little details and to live the full emotional experience find the best accessories for you at