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Meet Kmana, an elegant, durable, and timeless accessory brand. Kmana designs luxurious leather travel bags and accessories that are simple yet spectacular. Founded by Bea Sanz Corella & Kiko Tous, Kmana is a passionate family run brand based in Bali and committed to making bags fit to travel the world.

Words By Jen McDonald 

January, 15th 2021

Do you have the travel bug and those itchy feet? Okay, you might not have gotten to travel further than your living room in 2020, but fingers crossed 2021 is the year for all us globetrotters! 2020 has been a year which made us all rethink our lives, per the pandemic and other worldwide events, which is why sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. If you are always jet-setting off on holiday, then now is the time to upgrade your luggage line to a sustainable brand like Kmana. Not only are they committed to slow fashion, but these bags are handcrafted to last a lifetime. This is a purchase that everyone should make! 

A travel bag is a must-have for every traveller’s essentials. Creating a seamless airport experience, helping you stay organised and keeping your anxiety at bay going through security. Therefore, everyone needs to board the Kmana plane. To Kmana, a travel bag is a necessity as it is saving the planet. “Our designs are made for the wanderers, the makers and shakers, and all those who believe as they do that, we are constantly creating the world we live in. It all comes down to the decisions we make” say the founders.


What makes Kmana bags a lifetime buy?

Well, their bags are beautifully handcrafted in Bali using only the finest and softest vegetable tanned leather. They all incorporate traditional handwoven textiles, such as Rang Rang and Lombok in every design. The accessories are soft, durable, genderless and will never go out of fashion. Each design is produced in small, sustainable batches. The leather they use is a by-product of the food industry. It is locally sourced and comes from the finest family-run tanneries in East Java, Indonesia. Each bag is cut from one piece of full-grain cow leather or sheep leather (i.e. one hide) ensuring fewer seams and less waste. They also partner with like-minded individuals and workshops in Java. This ensures the quality and transparency of the tanning process and minimises its environmental and societal impact, namely through the waste management procedures.

Who are the faces behind this family run brand? 

Founded by Bea Sanz Corella and Kiko Tous in 2017, the brand is a result of a loving alliance that started more than fourteen years ago in Barcelona, and spread through travels and experiences, until settling down in Bali, Indonesia. It is the story of Bea and Kiko, accomplices and lifetime companions. Bea is the wilful wanderer and Kiko is the edgy creative; it is this perfect combination that makes Kmana. 

Kmana is an accessory brand that is elegant and memorable! You can feel the love and effort that goes into making every single bag. Bea talks to Staiy about her love for travel bags, especially the old school leather bags. She goes on to explain her inspiration “They remind me of the old leather suitcase that my grandfather used to travel with, every-time I see his suitcase, it makes me smile as I think of all the stories that this bag carries within”. Kmana create bags to last decades and they are made for travellers to fill their suitcases with memories which can be passed down the family tree.


All Kmana’s collections are enchanting and each one of them tells a tale. A bit like Gulliver’s Travels, each collection takes you on an adventure back in time. All the collections are attributed to traveling personalities. Here are just some of Staiy’s favourite pieces. The brand’s first collection was “The Chatwin Collection,” which was inspired by Bruce Chatwin, a talented travel journalist and world explorer. The collection consists of an array of gorgeous leather bags, each as beautiful as the next. One of our favourite pieces in this collection is “The Chatwin Backpack”. This is not a traditional backpack; it is made of one piece of vegetable tanned full-grain calf hide. It comes with a folded top, closes with a hand-made buckle and comes in a range of colours. It is elegant and a classic piece, perfect for any traveller to take out from day to day. It is the perfect size to fit your camera or travel guide. 

The brand’s second collection “The Maya Collection,” which pays tribute to Maya Angelou, a poet and a free spirit. This collection is unforgettable just like Maya was. The bag that caught Staiy’s eye is the “Maya Horizontal tote”, which is an oversized, rectangular shaped leather bag. It is simplistic, practical, and elegant. It comes with an attached wallet allowing you to carry all your essentials.

Why not start 2021 by treating yourself to a sustainable travel bag from Kmana? You will have the perfect companion boarding any flight with your Kmana bag! Checking in has never been easier. Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip with your bag that will last you a lifetime!