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Investing in great knitwear that will last for seasons is definitely worth it, and what’s better than knowing that part of this investment supports the dreams of the people who made it with love?

Words By Patrick Carrini


It’s cooler to be nice

Started by three friends, The Knotty Ones is a brand that focuses on making sustainable knitwear pieces inspired by Northern traditions. Each garment is made from natural fibers and handcrafted by local craftswomen in the rural areas of Lithuania. 

The three founders came up with the idea while traveling around South East Asia after witnessing the dark side of the fashion industry; how workers are exploited, and what impact fast fashion has on the environment. After returning from their trip, they could not find a knit that was done ethically so they have decided to make one themselves. Their mission today is to change the industry one knit at a time. With the idea that it’s cooler to be nice, they want to empower their clients to shop more consciously and feel proud of wearing their product because they look great and have a significant impact on the planet. 

Great initiative to empower local communities

At the Knotty Ones, every piece is handcrafted by a person in the rural parts of Lithuania. The process of selecting quality garments that will last for many seasons is key in the creation of each product. They use only natural fabrics and incorporate practices that minimize the impact on the environment. The people behind the hands-on work are mostly stay-at-home mums spread around Lithuania, in areas where finding a secure job is not that easy. Collaborating with the brand gives them an opportunity to earn a fair wage and therefore provide for themselves and their families. Another great idea that I find extremely helpful is the support of these amazing craftworkers’ dreams. Once you purchase your favorite knit, you can choose whether you want to donate 10EUR to the person who has made it. If you’re interested to learn more about these great women and their dreams, I advise you to check their website for more stories. Personally, I think it’s very special to feel that the clothes you wear not only look good but also help other people fulfill their life-long dreams. 

Knitwear not only for the cold days

If you love knitwear and would love to wear it all year round, the Knotty Ones have a few perfect pieces for this. Their summer collection is something you should definitely have a look at. I’d advise you to check out our website for the latest Tommy Shorts– cheeky shorts for cheeky ladies, knitted by hand from wool and alpaca. These will definitely bring your summer outfits up and give them an unusual look. 

If you’re a person that takes care of their clothes and cares about the environment, I would definitely recommend checking this brand out and have a look at a few pieces. A great selection of these is available at Staiy and I can guarantee you’ll feel proud to wear it, knowing the story behind each purchase you make.

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