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A Conversation With Know It Ceo, Leily Iranpour

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

October, 19th 2020

Conscious consumption and sustainable production are inextricably connected. We consumers play a far greater role than we think: our preferences and desires fundamentally influence what is produced and how it is produced. Leily Iranpour offers consumers the opportunity to be conscious buyers: Know It is the online platform providing a trustworthy reference for a range of products. With Staiy Edit, Leily discusses the development of the project and the launch of the website.

Words by Elisa Felici

We are the consumers’ shopping guide

And at the same time; the sustainable brands’ voice

We connect sustainable brands with conscious consumers

How many times has a product’s label seemed too short or too small to read to you? Too much like an advertising slogan providing very little information about the product? To Leily Iranopur, founder and CEO of Know It, this was the rule rather than the exception, and too often she found herself searching for information which was simply lacking or too microscopic for her eyes.

“I always found myself reading through product labels in search of the best option for me,” says Leily when asked about the origin of Know It. She looked for preservatives, ingredients and other additives. She needed to know whether the product she was interested in was harmful either to her or the environment.

As she began to realise that her need to know the origins of the products she was consuming, to know the materials used at every level of the supply chain, Leily understood her need extended beyond her personal preferences. There is an unmet demand for transparency in products on the market. Among the highly varied and competitive market world, consumers may experience frustration in choosing between different options, as Leily believes.

“I just thought that it would meet the needs of the consumers, looking for more information about the product.” 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

“What should we consume? Is it harmful for us?”

With more than 150 products and 35 partner brands, Leily says she is proud of what she and her team have achieved so far. The idea was developed during Leily’s masters’ at Aalborg University, in Denmark. Here, she gathered her team and with them by her side, commenced her research for Know It. The first brand they looked into was a skincare brand, producing organic soap bars made from natural ingredients. Today, Know It offers information for a variety of products: fashion, personal care, household and baby products.

To Leily, the fundamental relevance of a platform such as Know It lies in that, we consumers are extremely powerful in shaping what is offered to us, and how products on the market meet our interests. 

“Whenever we pay for something, we are supporting the brand’s production and marketing as a whole. And that also means that we are supporting a certain kind of world.”

Leily knows that more and more consumers want to know the story of the product they are buying. There is greater engagement from their side, a deeper consciousness and an increasingly ethical approach to consumption. Know It fits perfectly into this dynamic. As big companies may be more reluctant to disclose information, Leily knows that small to medium sustainable businesses are keen to share their stories with considerate consumers. Their support for more sustainable production and consumption finds a meeting point on Leily’s platform: a guide for consumers to be properly informed about their purchase.