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Le superflu.o x STAIY

January, 4th 2021

In part two of Le superflu.o x STAIY GIF collaboration we explore the theme of water and discuss the inspiration behind Marta Monge’s animation – “The Tap Police”.

Words By Jen McDonald

Staiy is marking the importance of sustainability by collaborating with Italian artist Marta Monge who is the face behind Le superflux.o. Monge is a part time trapeze swinger, off the wall self-taught illustrator and art director at TODO. Her illustrations are bright, fun and playful with a bit of an edge!

Le superflu.o x STAIY collaboration highlights the importance of sustainability and the concept behind this collab was to outline “The everyday challenges of the environmentally conscious” based on Staiy’s 5 pillars of sustainability; Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions, and Commitment. As the supply chain is extremely important to Staiy, the collaboration with Marta Monge also includes an extra special Christmas gif based on this. 

Using a kaleidoscope of bright colours including flashy pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, greens and blues, Monge makes her illustrations come to life. The Le superflu.o x STAIY project is made up of 6 animated illustrations which are mind blowing and will make you think twice about the decisions you make. Using digital design software Procreate, the animations Monge designs are all simple yet incorporate intricate repetitive movements, drawn frame by frame. When looking at the imagery, it’s easy to imagine the positivity, fun and genuine excitement that took place making these animations. Each gif is as important as the next with a huge message to convey just how important sustainability is to the planet. Monge takes us on a journey to showcase how every single one of us can make small changes to improve the world!

As with all projects, Monge approaches it by brainstorming ideas and coming up with different ways on how to approach the subject. Being obsessed with an array of colours, she then chooses a colour palette and maintains it throughout her projects. All of the Italian designer’s illustrations are absolutely mesmerizing and usually include people that inspire her. She plays with their expressions to communicate their emotions. She explains “I like to think I don’t have a particular style, I easily get bored of one and like to change it as often as I can. The thing that remains the same in my work is the use of really bright colours, even though if you look at me I definitely don’t surround myself with bright things.” Monge is inspired by what happens to her in her life and sometimes she realises she draws herself.

Through the incorporation of Staiy’s pillars, she added her own spin to the collab by producing interesting scenes that are relatable to all of us. In lockdown, people are spending more and more time in their own homes and need to be aware of issues that are affecting the planet. One of the most exciting aspects of the Le superflu.o x STAIY collaboration, is that it has been designed with humour in mind. We’re sure you will agree, we could all do with a little humour in our lives right about now.

Le superflu.o x STAIY GIF: “The Tap Police ”

Why is water so important to us? 

It is vital that we all understand the importance water has on our futures. If we tackle the water and sanitation problems in the world now, then we will see a rippling effect happen. Water is at the core of sustainability development and is crucial for developing healthy ecosystems and for helping humans survive. 

In Staiy’s five pillars of sustainability,we assess brands under the water pillar by measuring the amount of water usage, including the percentage of water reused and its recyclability. Recycling on-site water is a highly valuable practice. Doing so means diminishing the energy needed to move or pump water, which reduces the fashion industry’s intense water consumption. In terms of water security, here at Staiy we ask brands whether they have any specific active participation with suppliers, local communities, NGOs and customer awareness.

“The Tap Police” in the Le superflu.o x STAIY collaboration is a light hearted illustration with a powerful message. This GIF depicts a couple in the morning who stumble out of bed and go straight to brush their teeth in front of the mirror, letting the tap run in the process. They are in a hurry to get to work! The man is still half asleep, whilst his girlfriend is conscious of the tap running and then quickly puts her hand up to stop it.

Monge uses details to portray a powerful message to people. “Don’t use as much water,” she says. The message she is conveying is that we need to be more aware of the amount of water we waste every day. Some of us are unaware that by leaving a tap running, going for a bath every night or using the dishwasher or washing machine regularly, we are wasting water. We should use water sensibly and not use it unnecessarily. “The same way big fashion brands at Staiy ensure they’re limiting the water required to produce their garments,” she explains.

Le superflu.o x STAIY

If we all limit our water usage, we can altogether reduce the energy required to process and deliver it to homes, businesses, farms, and communities. Which, in turn, helps to reduce pollution and conserve fuel resources. It makes water available for recreational purposes! Let’s do it. Spread the word people!